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What is everybody doing for favors and their bags for out of towners?  We have 3 houses being rented between ours for the reception & hosting wedding party/immediate family, so for the other 2 houses I thought of stocking their fridge with some basics like eggs, milk, bread, and some stuff like that (and of course info about OBX and things to do).  For hotel rooms, I was going to do the typical "hangover kit" if you will, with little gatorades, advil, snacks of sorts.... any other ideas?

Also, for favors, my mom and I were going to recruit family to help us make some family-recipe Italian cookies and buy the little baggies so people can take them with them (some will leave the next day, so good road trip/plane snacks).  BUT I'm beginning to think buying all those ingredients might be the same as spending $2/person on favors AND will take up our "vacation" time before the wedding in baking them.  Granted, I planned on baking with my Grandma, so that's good "QT" but I'm a little torn.

What are you guys doing for both the above, and at about what cost is it?
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Re: Favors/ OOT Bags

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    ** oops, my brain went faster than my hands.  3 houses are: #1- reception/WP/immediate family;  # 2- mom's family;  #3-family friends.   (just to clarify)   :-)
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    I am doing OOT bags for all the guests. Most are staying in hotels, so I'm just making everyones the same with water, snacks, an obx candle and brochures plus our bochure i made. Favors will be salt water taffy.  I figured since everyone is getting an OOT that my favors didnt need to be over the top but just a little something.
    I agree, I think after buying all the ingredients for your cookies, you will be better off spending $1-$2 on favors.

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    Yes, agree with PP.  You'll probably end up spending more.  But I'm doing these chocolate covered Oreos as part of a candy table (I had to bribe my 5yo nephew to be in the wedding, true story) because they're fun to make.  This is the trial run.

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    We're doing a cookie table as our "favor."  I'll be making a lot of cookies in advance and freezing them.  My best friend has volunteered to help make them all and we're already planning wine and cookie nights.  I'll also be making bischochos (Mexican wedding cookies) with my mom's family and those are better if you make them a few months in advance.  I'm also considering asking some of the women in my family to make a couple dozen each to add to the table so that I won't have to be doing it all myself.  In the end, spending a few dollars on favors might be cheaper, but baking cookies is a labor of love and I am a huge fan of consumable favors.

    I have no idea what we're doing for OOT bags.
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    Taffy is a good idea too... and I like the OBX candle- we were thinking about a coozie or something for them; have to have the OBX parifinalia!  I'm visiting my Mom this weekend to try out a few more cookie recipes, so we'll take a close look at the cost, and if it's more than $1-2/person, I think we'll have to veto it and go with taffy or something.  I'll have to get her a little present as a thank you baking all the trial runs she's done so far!  (oops)

    Thanks for the input!  Keep the OOT bag ideas coming, and I'll do the same.  I know we always appreciate the water bottles/ gatorade when we've stayed at hotels for people's weddings.
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     I asked the same about OOT bags a short time ago on this forum.   If you haven't already seen the posting please look at it you may be able to find some ideas there.

    As for favors, I am originally from Pittsburgh.  So, we have to have a cookie table.  We are also going to use the cookies as favors.  My family is not large and we would be making cookies forever.  My parents are bringing the cookies from a bakery in Pittsburgh.  We are ordering 70 dozen total which will give each guest 5 cookies.  Guests can choose their own cookies, which means they are choosing their own favor.  (they won't choose something they do not like)   We found small cake boxes that I am going to use as the container for the guests to put the cookies in. 

    I am not sure where you are having your wedding.  It perhaps it might not be an issue, but some locations do not allow you to bring in outside food/drink.  Everything has to be purchased from them.   They may not allow cookies from the outside.
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