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Honeymoon Questions

My fiance and I are getting married in July 2011.  We have started talking about where to go for our honeymoon.  We want to be in a relaxed atmospher and are possibly interested in all-inclusive resorts.  We like the idea of Hawaii or somewhere in the Carribean.  Our dilemma: Are there all inclusives in Hawaii and what is the likelihood of being stuck in a bad hurricane if we choose the Carribean for July???

Re: Honeymoon Questions

  • Hawaii does not have all inclusives...It is probably not likely that you will encounter a hurricane, but it is possible...that is why you purchase trip insurance. We are going to the Riviera Maya in October, which is still hurricane season. I purchased the insurance just in case.
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  • no AIs in HI.
    what are the chances? who knows-it's weather and no one can predict. but since it's hurricane season be aware and plan accordingly. purchase trip insurance that will cover you for weather related cancellation/interruption


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    You would probably be ok in July in the Caribbean, especially Hawaii - but purchase insurance just in case.

    Denise91980 - we are also thinking of gong to the Riviera Maya in late Sept. for our HM. Where are you staying? We are looking at El Dorado Maroma.

    I am really concerned about hurricanes in late Sept. in Mexico!! It's the only thing stopping me from booking the trip right now! Will purchase insurance... but...  still need to sleep on it a few more nights!

  • We are staying at Secrets Maroma Beach from 10/4-10/14. I used Orbitz because it was the best deal I could find and I purchased travel insurance through them.
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  • If it were me going personally, I’d definitely pick the Caribbean.  The Dominican Republic is so incredibly beautiful – it’s impossible to pass up! As far as a resort goes, I’d recommend checking out Secrets Sanctuary.  It’s an amazing all-inclusive resort in Cap Cana on the eastern coast of the DR that really has that relaxed atmosphere you’re looking for.  There are 5 gorgeous pools to lounge by plus a spectacular beach.  The resort also has a spa and tons of gourmet restaurants to choose from.  If you’re feeling a little more adventurous one day there are also tons of great activities like tennis, water sports, a casino and even fun new things to try like dancing lessons! This resort is absolutely perfect for a honeymoon; I really hope you check it out! Good Luck!
  • No hurricanes in Aruba!  :)  They are outside the hurricane belt!
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  • In exactly two weeks, Dan and I will be in Hawaii. We can't wait!
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  • We just got back from an AI in Jamacia and it was awesome! We stayed at the Sandals Royal Carribean in Montego Bay, but we were able to visit the other Sandals resorts as well. We loved it and want to go back and stay at a different resort for an anniversary or vacation. AI are definitely the way to go. You don't have to worry about carrying money, cards, or anything with you when you go out, it was great bc I could truly relax without having to worry about a darn thing except eating, drinking and having a good old time.
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  • Hawaii is gorgeous, but there are no AI's. Hawaii can also get very expensive from what I've heard. It depends what you like, but we are planning on doing an AI in the Caribbean because it's pretty much stress free. Everything is paid for, you don't have to worry about carrying a bunch of money around. Early hurricane season is usually pretty safe. Since it starts in June, I think you'll be okay, but there are some islands that are safe from hurricanes. Do some research if it's really bothering you and book somewhere where you don't have to worry about it.
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    We Hm'd in St. Lucia at the Sandals Grande and never worried a bit about hurricanes. We certainly liked the AI concept because we knew what we would be spending and we did not have to keep hauling out our wallets for every lunch or dinner and that was great knowing we could have whatever we wanted. We even had 24 hour room service and it was all included. I would for sure go for the AI and purchase trip insurance.
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