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Hairdresser wont do trial. What to do?

Hi Ladies!

I have a question.  My wedding is approaching soon (August 4th) and I have something that is bothering me so I was wondering if anyone can give me their thoughts.

My hairdresser of two years will not do a trial on my hair.  This is been bugging me for a few months now.  I have not seen any of her updo’s so I don’t know what her capabilities are.  Oddly enough she has no pictures of past weddings she has done.  At first I thought, I should just trust that she will do it good.  I am starting to think about this a little more.  I don’t want that.  I need a trial.  Her reasons for not doing a trial is that it won’t come out the same way on the day of my wedding as it did the day she did the trial.  Am I crazy, or do you think a trial is necessary?


Re: Hairdresser wont do trial. What to do?

  • Super weird that she WON'T do a trial.  You really need one so you can be on the same page the day off.  For my trial, I was thinking I might want to keep my hair down, but as she was curling it she pinned a couple pieces up and I decided I wanted my hair in an updo.  Is that something you want to have happen to you on your wedding day?  Part of the reason for a trial is because you want to play around with some different looks.  She was pinning my hair one way, then pinned it another, and I got to choose which way I liked it.  Of course that meant on the day of my wedding it didn't look exactly the same, but with her playing with my hair we were able to get on the same page.

    My advice- next time you see her tell her you've decided you need a trial for your own peace of mind, not because you're doubting her skills.  Tell her if she doesn't want to do one that you'll go somewhere else and have them take pictures for her so she knows what you like.  She'll  probably catch the drift and come around.
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