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Countdown is below 200 days!!

So the TK wedding ticker has officially hit below 200 days. For some reason seeing a 1 in the front seems like it's way closer!

Anyway, the board has been extremely quiet lately! What has everyone been up to? How are the DIY projects coming? Anyone still have big checks left to get done? I know personally we still have a lot to do including find BM dresses (only slightly terrified about this based on the first outting), and get the cake taken care of.
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Re: Countdown is below 200 days!!

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    Yay! Mine's at 207. So close!

    I have TONS of stuff to do still. WARNING - long list: I need to eat more salsa and alfredo so I can get the jars and clean them out for my CPs (I did decided to do jars), I gotta finalize my menu with my FMIL, who is paying for all of the food (incl. cake), get my last BM her dress, alter my dress as well as my two sisters (BM & MOH), officially book the church (the pastor there isn't working with us), book the DJ, finish pre-marital conseling, finish designing and order the invites and rsvp cards, paint my card "box" (it's a wooden chest), make the bouts, corsages, and bouquets for everyone, and finish my 1000 cranes... O.O I'm gonna die, but feel a little better because I just wrote out everything I have to do.

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  • Ahhhhh!! Lucky you!! I'm still at 219...why oh why did I pick the END of February?? hahha!!!!
    I am working on designing my invitations...decided to forego the passport/boarding pass and was super relieved when I did..even though I was going to order them and not make them myself, I still felt stressed about it!  In addition to the relief, I save about $2+ per invitation getting traditional ones, so its easier on the budget!!!
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  • Yea. I have 212 days! I am excited and stressed about out at the same day.

    I have been working overtime at work just about every week lately. Then my fiance, my parents, and I went to Arkansas to see my fiance's family, so that was stressful. Then, there are a lot of things we are trying to get done. So I just haven't had much time to get on the computer. 

    In the next few weeks I am going BM dress shopping with my ladies, trying to get the invitations done (which is a long task because I am hand making them-had to cut them down to size and emboss all of them), the registry, and go shopping for the men. I just had my taste testing yesterday also. My mom has been stressing me out a lot trying to tell me I have to get everything done for the wedding now. ugh. haha
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  • So much to do - so little time (or so it seems) but we can do it ladies! If nothing else, our motivation/venting is definitely available here. :) I get most of my non-stressed motivation here as my FI is going crazy about how much we have to do and my parents want nothing to do with it (don't support it right now so oh well). On a good note, we've made it this far.

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