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Travel Agents?

Hi All,

FI and I need a little help looking for travel agents. I looked at vendors on this site but they didn't list very many. Does anyone have an favorites they used?

Also, how does a travel agent work? Do you pay them for the work they do or do they get a percent of the money you spend?

Thank you!

Re: Travel Agents?

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    My aunt  Jane is a travel agent and she is awesome!!  I am not completly sure how they get paid. Tell her that Katie her favorite niece sent you her way =)
    Here is her email-

    [email protected]

  • 2chumps2chumps member
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    As a formal travel agent, I applaud you for supporting our service!  So many travel agencies were put out of business after 911 and on line bookings!  It's a smart way to go, they do all the work and research for you and you just show up at the airport.  I haven't been in the business for 5 years, but our charge was a $20 booking fee per person.  It's worth it when you think of the amount of time it would take you to make your own travel arrangements and research destination, hotels, etc.  A lot of agencies will charge you the fee up front, reason being that so many people would have the agent do all the work, get the itinerary and go book it themselves.  Plus agents get a kick back from airlines and vendors to help bring your cost down.  They also get to take 'agent trips' to learn about destinations, visit hotels, etc so they are a wealth of knowledge!

    There is a huge convention each October that agents go to and after the convention they have access to big discounts on a 1st come/1st serve basis so it's a good time to start booking your honeymoon right after that convention! 

    I used to work for Macy's travel out of St. Cloud, we had agents who specialized in Domestic, Caribbean, Mexico, Europe, etc.  Once you know where you want to travel than find an agent who specializes in that area!  Good luck!
  • hippoloverhippolover member
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    My family and I have been using Four Seasons Travel in Cannon Falls for 12 years.  There are just 2 ladies that work there and then the owner is a family friend.  I have had tremendous (sp?) luck with them! 

    Here is their LINK
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    One other thing you might consider, if you figure out where you want to go is finding a travel agent who specializes in this area. We went to the carribean - St. Thomas and Anguilla. By using an agent who specializes in Anguilla I think we had better luck, because she knew the hotels, etc. so well. We got a complimentary upgrade at our resort (which is hard to do), and she had great advice on things to do in the area because she had been there many times.

    Good luck!
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