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Issues with Men's Warehouse

We are having some issues with Men's Warehouse in Ross Park Mall.  They were great the first time we went.  We decided not to go with the off white shirts and go with the white.  my dress is off white and they suggested the off white.  after talking to many dif people we all agreed to go with the white.  Even our photographer said the white is prob best.  So Fiance went back and they were VERY rude to him.  Took him 45 min to get them to change it.  The guy ultimately told him that our pics were going to be awful and that we can't blame him.  Also several of the groomsmen told us they were rude to them when getting fitted.  Now I noticed they don't have the pocket squares for the groomsmen and only my dad has the suspenders.  We are going back tonight to get that situated.  With the wedding being a little more than a month away and everyone putting a security deposit down we really can't switch tux places.  I had a friend just get married and he said the MW in south hills village was extremely rude but the one in Robinson was better. 

Has anyone else had isssues with Men's Warehouse?
So far I would't recomend them to anyone.

Re: Issues with Men's Warehouse

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    My FI was in his brother's wedding last month & they forgot to give him socks!!
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  • Ash2985Ash2985 member
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    We used the one in the NH for our wedding, and I didn't think they were bad, everything was OK.  H actually forgot the shoes that he was planning to wear and had to go into Mens Wearhouse on the morning of our wedding to get shoes on short notice and they took care of him.  

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    I think it's pretty much hit or miss. They weren't fantastic, but they did get the job done. We used the one in Monroeville. The best man's pants were way too big, which I actually didn't notice until we looked at pics (guess I was too caught up in the day). I'm assuming they had just given him the wrong size... Also, my FIL and BIL wanted to get fitted in Erie (since it's closer for them), then pick them up in Monroeville. MW told them no, they had to pick them up in Erie. I called and straightened in out, telling them I was told by another location that this okay.

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    We decided to go the suit route.... we picked out the suit we wanted, gave men's warehouse all of the measurements, and paid in full for all of the suits. Mens warehouse was extremely nice untill 6 weeks later when we called to check in and they gave us a weird story and 2 days later admitted that the suits were never ordered and they were out of stock.

    I agree, I wouldn't recomend them!
  • bidge24bidge24 member
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    we used them and they were great. i dont remember names or anything...but there was a younger girl who knew nothing about what she was doing.  we mainly dealt with an older woman who was very nice and extremely helpful.  we had not one issue, complaint, or thing go wrong.  i think mainly because when we went we knew exactly what we wanted.  i guess it all depends on what kinda mood the people are in!
  • carcrashheartcarcrashheart member
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    Contact the Robinson store. I had an issue a couple of weeks before the wedding with an out of state tux and stopped in there (make sure you go to the larger MW, not the one by DB) and they were wonderful and fixed it fairly quickly (I forget what the issue was, but once they looked in to it they could clearly see that there was something wrong with the out of state tux).

    However, I had to deal with the NH store months prior to that. We had some drama occur with another wedding and a random new addition to the bridal party walked in to the store, said he was the new groomsman and that DH was not in the party anymore and that he was told that his tux would be "taken care of." They cancelled DH's tux, took that credit amount and used it to front this other guys tux. WHAT? Yeah. It took a lot of yelling before I got that one taken care of. That store eventually refunded our money. They didn't follow their own policy, which is that NOBODY can make changes to the bridal party except for the bride & groom. That means a random dude can't walk in, introduce himself as a new groomsman and decide how it is all taken care of. And the fact that they bypassed crediting DH's CREDIT CARD and wrote it in as store credit for this kid to use was just mind boggling. The store failed at their own policy.

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  • Janiceb2010Janiceb2010 member
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    I was a bit nervous after reading some reviews here and on weddingbee....but we went to the one at the Waterfront and everyone was wonderful...both times.  We went for our initial visit.  Then we wanted to change from ivory to white for the shirts and my DF's vest.  The woman who helped us was wonderful.  No questions asked or trying to persuade us to stick with ivory, just got us in and out in a few minutes.  Hope things work out for everyone!

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  • ljs283ljs283 member
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    I was a BM in a wedding this past sat. and my fiance was a GM. When he went to pick up his tux it was way too big. He asked them about it and they said that he was going to have to deal with it!!! I was mad for him because of how much they paid. Well my fiance is only 5'6 and another GM is also the same. My fiance was ordered a regular pants and the other guy was ordered a short which makes sense. So my fiance calls down to the store and they claim they don't order short pants...hmmm... well ya did for another GM!! Needless to say, they ended up ordering my fiance a short pant and size smaller! Guess what...they fit!!! Clearly they don't know what they are doing!! This all happened at the Waterfront store. We are not using them for our wedding!!
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