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Reception Location Ideas (250 guests)

My fiance and I are planning to get married in June 2013 but we wanted to lock down the reception site as soon as possible. We are struggling to find places that fit what we want.

We would love to bring our own food and make our own decorations if possible. Our wedding will be at a church in Ankeny, so we would like it to be somewhere within a 15 minute drive or so.

Our budget is at around $1000 for the location, but that is flexible.

Does anyone have a suggestion? We have looked online, visited places in person, and just can't seem to find the right fit.
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Re: Reception Location Ideas (250 guests)

  • medusia00medusia00 member
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    I would recommend Events Center West. They are 1500 But totally worth it, you can bring your own food, and beer if you want.

    I had mine there and they were fantastic to work with!

    Forgot to add you can have up to 375 guests in there!
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  • Zart downtown is also above your limit, but worth it, in my opinon. The owner is a little funky to deal with, however.
  • Thanks, both of you. I will look into both of those. Being a broke college student, I like to save where I can, and I am okay with a little over $1000 for the reception site.
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  • What do you mean by funky to deal with? Just wondering because I looked at that venue online and it looks great ! 
  • Oh, it is a beautiful venue. And I wouldn't change a thing about doing it there. If you want to know more you can PM me.
  • The Assembly Hall in Pleasant Hill is $1200 to rent and you can bring your own food, etc. there. They're also very lenient with decorations, etc. Good luck! 
  • Prairie Meadows in Altoona is where I am having my reception. The cost is 1000.00 for the room but if you spend over 5000.00 in food the room is free. The deposit is 500.00 but it goes toward your final bill.
  • The Windsor Heights Community center is really pretty
  • I have tried to contact them and received no response. We live in Windsor Heights and would love to have it at the community center. I will keep bugging them until they get back to me. Also, I will definitely look into the Assembly Hall in Pleasant Hill, as mentioned above.
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  • Call her at the community center. she is not that great with responding to e-mails but very good at calling people back usually. 
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  • Thanks! I was able to call her and visit last Friday. It looks like a great location.
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