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Hi, Ladies!

Aloha! I know I haven't been over here as much as I use to. That's what happens when you get married. :) But, I do pop in every week to see how everyone's doing and the progress you are all making.

Sam and I are working on passing on our mod positions to others. It's a bit of a pain in the tush! Sam actually thought she was off of here, but as you can see, she's not. We are working to get that taken care of.

How's everyone been? How's the wedding planning going? Anything new to share?

Re: Hi, Ladies!

  • Hi Kimmy!!!  Boy do I miss all of you old marrieds around here, but slowly new brides seem to be coming around and I am glad to meet them all :-)

    Check out my ticker, huh??  It's insane how close I am getting...you ladies were right, after the 6 month mark time just FLIES! and I mean FLLLIEEESSSS!!! lol!!

    As you know I have an exam in a couple of weeks and actually just make a comment to FI that after this is over (fingers crossed that I pass it!) we have to go on full on wedding mode and make lots of decisions!  Sucks that I saved a lot of stuff until the "last minute" so to speak, but I really had to focus on these exams....I hope that because of the limited time I have that I don't turn into a bridezilla! lol!! I am sure you girls will keep me in check if that happens though ;-)

    How are you enjoying married life and life after planning & projects? (I know the answer, but humor me for those who don't lol!)
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  • Hi Kimmy!!

    We definitely need all you "old" marrieds to keep coming around and sharing your wisdom. :-)

    I've got our venue and all the major vendors except the officiant booked and confirmed. I've bought my dress and our Save the Dates should be here tomorrow!!

    We've got to figure out what FI is going to wear, pick our colors (arg, this is a hard decision!) and then figure out what the wedding party is going to wear.

    I think we are going to try on suits for FI this weekend and possibly go to our jeweler tomorrow to start looking for wedding rings.

    We've made some good progress on getting the house set up since I moved in -- I'm not entirely unpacked but we are really organizing and integrating everything as I unpack it so it is taking a lot of time.
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  • Hi Kimmy! I agree, old married's need to stick around!

    I am in the home stretch!!! Today I should be packing and cleaning but all I want to do is watch Judge Judy and look at pictures of our resort lol. Well, I cleaned the kitchen and half the bathroom and threw some laundry in so that counts.

    Tomorrow is going to be INSANE. Gotta get my nails done, get FI some shoes, pick up some last minute stuff, finish packing, check into the cruise and our flights...and we need to be out of the house by 3:45am on Friday! Yikes!!!

    Hope married life is treating you well!
  • Hi Kimmy nice to see some marrieds coming around a bit :) Wedding plans are kind of at a stand still. Can't do any actual wedding days plans until 3-1 months before the wedding butbi do have the decor package that I want so have about 3 more months until we start with paperwork and all those joys. Now thatdthat darn AHR I could/should be getting my butt in gear with my decorations but I am a lil slacker. Getting ready to make a cake tasting appointment and have my stylist here do the hairstyle I want and make sure I like it and hope that the spa at my resort can duplicate it! We do have about 13 people booked so far hopefully won't be many more. My wedding package includes 40 but I REALLY want a small wedding. Let us know how wonderful married life is!
  • HEY! It sounds like you've all been getting A LOT done. That's awesome! Time really does fly when you hit the 6 month mark. I can't believe we have already been married for almost 4 months. When we past 100 days it seemed so crazy!

    I swore I would come around more often after the wedding, but I was so over it that I didn't even want to talk about it. I haven't done any thank you notes, submitted our pictures to any blogs, shown all of our wedding pictures to others, etc. I just needed a break from all things wedding related.

    Nicole, you talk to us old marrieds like every day! How can you miss us? ;)

    Meg, get on it! If you don't you will be kicking yourself as you have to cut projects out. I started everything sooooo early and had lots of help, but still had to make cuts.

    Harr- Good luck getting everything done in time! It'll all be worth it once you get to your destination.

    Wino, you'll get the rest figured out. It takes time. Just don't take too much time!

    Married life is treating me well. I'm really happy. Being married is so different. The commitment feels so much more intense. I didn't feel that way at first, but DH did. It took a little time to sink in that it was real for me. Now every time I think about being married, it puts a huge smile on my face.
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