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Engaged last night!

I am a bumpie and I posted this there first before venturing over here, but this is my proposal story.

If any one reads my posts (on the bump) I always refer to my s/o as MH. IRL we pretty much act like a married couple and sometimes I refer to him as "the hubby" to my girlfriends. None of us are actually married but (for the mosts part) we are with our lifetime partners. We've talked about geting married and when to get married and have always had intentions of getting married but last night he PROPOSED for reeeeeal!! Usually at home he'll out of the blue ask me if I'll love him forever and if I'll marry him one day and I always say yes. But this is what happened last night:

We were coming home from taking MS to a Haunted House in another city before letting him go for a sleepover. We took the truck which isn't as good on gas as my car, but we like to use it for date nights (last night was our first Friday evening off & without MS in a few months) because it's a bench seat and I get to snuggle up next to him on the drive home. It was pouring rain last night, absolutely perfect weather for a duck. When we got home to our city (after taking backroads instead of the highway) he turned into this pretty park where we usually feed the ducks. He stopped the truck and told me to get out. I was confused. I asked him why a few times with a skeptical look on my face and he took my hand and lead me to a gazebo that was lit up. When we got there he pulled me close and started to dance with me as he sang our song Peaceful Easy Feeling by the Eagles. It was very sweet. Then he stopped, put his hands on my shoulders and was all stiff for a second, he looked seriously at me and said "Erika, you know I love you more than anthing in this world, right?" I replied with "yes..", then he dropped to one knee, took my hand and said, "Erika, would you please marry me?" I lit up got all giddy and said "yes yes yes of course I will marry you" and he looked shocked and said "I mean it for real, are you sure?" I don't know why he questioned it but I laughed and said "yes yes" and then he stood back up and I jumped on him, gave him a big hug and we kissed a lot. I loved it.

Afterwards on the rest of the way home he was all excited "you know we have a lot of planning to do. We need to set a date, and pick a place, etc etc" and when we got home he was looking at a list of to-do's for wedding planning. Ahhhhh I love him. And I was so excited to share this with someone!

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Re: Engaged last night!

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