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I am meeting with a florist tomorrow and have no idea where to start with the budget for my flowers. Most of my friends made their own bouquets and are no help! I know there are a lot of variables but on average how much do you spend on flowers for a wedding. I am thinking I only want to do personals...my centerpieces will not be flowers and I am not having flowers around the ceremony. I do have a large party though...8 on each side. Thanks for your help!

Re: Florist Prices

  • My flowers were around $700 for 5 bouquets, 5 coursages, and 8 bouts.  If you give your florist a budget you'd like to stay around they will tell you what types of flowers will fit into your budget!  They can also tell you what types of flowers you can substitute to give you the look you like for less.  For example, I love stephonitis, but they are very expensive, so my florist took hyacinths apart and used those in a similar fashion.
  • I paid roughly $500 for:

    1 bridal bouquet - $115 with orchids and calla lillies, the filler of hydrangea, berries
    3 BMs - $60 each with orchids and tulips
    6 corsages 
    11 bouts 

    No centerpieces or decor in the church for me either.  I told my florist my hope for a budget and just like the other Knottie said, she worked with me on mixing economical flowers in with the expensive ones to keep the costs reasonable.  Good luck!
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