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What if it storms?

Ok so I'm getting married at a relatives house, and her house isn't that big. We're planning on an outdoor wedding. In June. In Tennessee. In the evening. I'm fairly sure it'll be beautiful.

How do we plan for a backup? It's not like we can rent out a hall "just in case" or something. We're renting a tent already, but that isn't going to help if it's storming hard and/or the rain is blowing in, or the wind manages to pick the tent up and blow it away...so I'm looking for suggestions.

Also related somewhat, I don't know how to do music for the reception. I can't afford a band or a DJ, and I have no problem putting together a playlist and just having it on my iPod so someone can control it, but how/where to I get speakers to make this actually work? My mom said to use a boom box, but there's no way that'll be loud enough.
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Re: What if it storms?

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    Rent a tent.  We did just in case of rain.  We lucked out, it was beautiful, but you shoul definitely have a back-up plan.

    Rent speakers.
  • tents often can come with walls that block the wind/rain (unless it's strong like a hurricaine). i'd say a tent would be sufficient. the people who set it up should know enough regarding what to do in case of bad weather, and i'm sure they'll make sure it's staked down and weighed down sufficiently.  also, you might consider renting a floor for the tent, to avoid mud in case of rain.

    for the speakers, you can rent speakers. i highly doubt that a boom box will be loud enough. i love the idea of making your own playlist! :)

    it sounds like you're going to have a beautiful wedding! :)

    be kind, for everyone is fighting some sort of battle.
  • Thank you :) Where do I look to rent speakers, any ideas?

    Do you think even a zip up tent will protect guests properly for a storm?
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  • I don't know about tent strength, but we're renting a PA system from our table rental place.  Most of the party rental places where I looked for tables and tents and stuff like that had PA systems.  I think it's pretty much big speakers that we can connect to an IPOD or a computer.  
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  • We are having an outside wedding at our reception location (the reception is inside), but our Pastor at our church that is marrying us is reserving the church for us that day as well for no extra charge just in case. He said it's no problem because since he's doing our wedding that day no one else can get married there that day anyway, so its available as a back up.
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  • I'm getting married next october too.  We are getting married under a tent too that has the zipper sides.  It's more money but a lot sturdier, pay the extra to have the place install the tent so it's done right. 
  • A tent may keep out light rain from falling on people however if it rains hard, the rain water will run and will run onto the grass area inside the tent. That is the problem with outside weddings. The only real solution is to be able to go inside.
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