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Favors a Necessity?

Hi everyone! I had these really cute favors picked out to give out at the reception, but now as I see how my FI and I are struggling to pay even the smallest Wedding Related stuff let alone our monthly bills I am rethinking them. Is it really that big of deal to have Wedding Favors? My FI's parents are paying for over 75% of the wedding and my parents are going to give us $1000. I just don't know if I would feel right asking them for the money for the favors on top of everything else. Another thing I am reconsidering is placecards and a seating chart. We are having a buffet and plan on releasing the tables to the buffet line one at a time. Thoughts on any of this?
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Re: Favors a Necessity?

  • I would skip it.  No one will miss them.

    It sounds like you don't need place cards.  I do like to assign people to tables tho, so you make sure everyone has a seat.

    Can you do a seating chart and get it printed at kinkos?  I have a template if you would like it. I can email it. This would be a cheaper option.
  • I would love to see the seating chart in place of the place cards. thanks! [email protected]
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  • I sent it
    I am getting it printed putting it in a frame that I had a poster in and then putting it on an eisle (Sp?) that my venue has.
  • Where did my post go?
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  • I dont think you need to do favors. Everyone will be happy to be there celebrating with you. I dont think anyone goes there excepting to get a favor to go home with.

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  • Favors in my opinion are a complete and utter waste of money.  A lot of people will leave them and unless you find something really cool, will hit the trash when they get home.

    The only reason we're having them is one of her aunts in Thailand sent them over.
  • I originally wanted favors but at this point it's financially no longer an option. I wanted an edible favor because the non-edible trinkets or usually left behind or later tossed when you get home. I feel like no one will miss them. If they do...uh...gee..oh well! lol! :)
  • Agreed, unless it is something good, they are just a waste of money and people will throw them away... like the usless picture holders i got at the last wedding I was at.
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