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A popcorn bar?

My social hour is a little boring, and I'm trying to think of ways to make it a little more interesting for my guests. 

I originally didn't want to spend much money on something I wasn't going to enjoy, but then my selfishness subsided, and I didn't like the thought of my guests standing there with just fruit and cheese to snack on.

I was thinking of doing a gourmet popcorn bar. I was going to do popcorn as favors, but I liked this idea better because everyone can get what flavors they want. Paper bags aren't expensive so I could personalize those and they can sample all sorts of flavors of popcorn while waiting for dinner.... is it too cheesy? 

Re: A popcorn bar?

  • I am doing gourmet flavored popcorn as the favor for my guests to take home. My fiancé and I love popcorn so it's a way to show our personality to our guests. We are doing a couple of flavors: the classic ‘orange stained hands’ cheese, a parmesan cheese, chili powder, chocolate drizzled, AND caramel corn.  I love the classic paper bags, but since my colors don’t compliment brown bags, I am doing white bags and I am hand printing on the bags with stamps I made.
    -Soon to Be a Kanealy-
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