Finishing Grad school and paying for a wedding??

I am in my last year of graduate school with a pretty HUGE loan debt. I am just starting my first year of work and have been a "professional" student for the last four years. Anyone else in this situation or gone through this and have any advice for how I can start saving or budget my wedding? If I wait till i have a couple years of work under my belt and a steady income...our wedding will not occur until 2015..and I don't want to wait that long...thanks ahead of time.

Re: Finishing Grad school and paying for a wedding??

  • Thank you so much ladies for is always nice to know you are not alone. So update is we are getting married this year (SEPTEMBER!! AHH!!) and I have been saving up for the major costs and stuck to my budget. We have the church, the venue, the dj, and the we are well on our way!! I decided I didn't want to wait...and thought..."I have the rest of my life to pay off loans..but only one wedding! We are going to just move ahead and I graduate in just a few months later we will be Mr. and Dr.! I wish you all the best for the future and happy budgeting!!

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    Definately can relate to a lot of these posts EXCEPT that small backyard, just happy to be here wedding is NOT my style. You know how most people say "oh that wedding fit her perfectly"? Doing something that is devoid of grandeaur and some opulance is just not my style. The last thing i want to do for something I've dreamed about all my life is settle.
    Which brings me to my dilemna I will be starting grad school in the fall with lots of undergrad debt CC and student loan (thank God I am fully funded for grad + stipend). My boyfriend (fiance soon enough) is in the army and doesn't make much. My parents of olde could afford my dream wedding, but now post retirement is on a tight budget.
    Im up for DIY stuff but only to a certain extent. If it requires a professional videographer, photographer, catering, I would like to have such things (as much as I can) not a friend that has a new nikon and knack for taking pictures, etc.
    With that being said, I know what my means are, but how can I get AT LEAST some of what I want on a minimal budget, i.e. DIY, budgeting, how to save. Oh and his parents probably cant contribute much of anything.
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