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Prayers of the Faithful Help

OK here is what I have. We are meeting with our priest next week and would like it to look good before he sees it. Let me know if the order needs to be changed, or wording needs to be edited.

For leaders of Church and state, for heads of institutions, for heads of homes and households,  that they will lead us and guide us in the search for God and the good life, in the search for peace and joy, in the search for love among us.  We pray to the Lord.

 For all of those who protect others, in the military, as police officers and fire fighters, that God may grant them His protection as they serve their country and community. We pray to the Lord.

For T and P, E and I, E and H, T, and B and all of those from our family who have passed before us, may they stand in the presence of God for all eternity.  We pray to the Lord. 

For all married couples everywhere, that they may always serve each other with love, that their lives will be an example to the world of unity, fidelity and trusting in God’s Providence. We pray to the Lord.  

For all those here today, in thanksgiving for them, and remembering their personal needs and prayers. We pray to the Lord. 

For Bride and Groom, whose souls brought them together, and brought us here today. May they always be able to communicate with one another, to trust and to forgive.May God remain their foundation and guide them through their lives together.May their children teach them how truly precious life is, and may all the angels in the heavens watch over them each day, and grant them every blessing in their power. We pray to the Lord.

Re: Prayers of the Faithful Help

  • "For Bride and Groom, whose souls brought them together, and brought us here today."

    This doesn't make sense to me. Are you saying you and your FI's souls brought you together? I'm not sure what you mean by that. I think something like, "For Bride and Groom, who have come here today..." would sound better.
  • yea, that's close to mannicheism.  

    Also, I don't think Angels can grant blessings--- and heaven is singular. 
  • thank you! I updated the souls/angels/heaven. Any other input?

  • You should make its "all the angels and saints"
  • edited April 2012
    Generally, the petitions should go in order from most universal to most personal, so I would do (but this is just me): Leaders, Those who protect others, All married couples, Deceased family members, Bride and Groom, Personal petitions/intentions of "those here today. 
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