Tipping- Bartender, Alterations?

Hi everyone. I was wondering if you'd share your thoughts on tipping the bartender(s) at the reception- how much is customary?

Also wondering about alterations- for a seamstress who owns a home salon, any idea if tipping is expected and if so, how much?

Thank you!

Re: Tipping- Bartender, Alterations?

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    For the bartender, I think a lot depends on where they are from.  if you hired them from an outside company, or they came with the venue, or with the caterer.  I would assume that there would be some guidelines from whatever company they are working for.

    I don't know if it's expected for alterations, but I definetly did tip for mine.  I was really happy with her and her work, and the pricing was really low for what I got, so it made it really easy for me to feel like giving her more/extra.

    Some people go by the general guideline of if they own the company, you really don't have to tip them, since technically they're getting all the profit from the transaction. I tipped a lot of people that were owners anyway, but some people (my husband mostly) would say that I tip too often and too much for a lot of things.  LOL
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    My alterations were very expensive so I do not plan to tip, our bartender comes with tip included so I would check your contract but if not id say 1-2 dollars per drink served is usually good.
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