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Just a word of caution - banking related.

Any girls planning on getting married, I HIGHLY suggest to open a joint bank account before your wedding or have a Power of Attorney, IF your new husband will not be with you after your wedding. 

I just had a fiasco yesterday at our small town local bank that I have belonged too since I was born (1985) with trying to deposit our wedding checks without Tim being there to sign them. I had written "For Deposit Only" with my account number and took our notarized copy of our marriage certificate, but that still wasn't good enough. Since the account was only in my name they would not deposit the checks without both signatures on them since most were writting out to "Mr. AND Mrs. C...". If they were "Mr. OR Mrs. C..." it wouldn't have been such an issue. 

Eventually we worked it out as to where they would allow us (under special circumstance) to add Tim to my account via fax with a copy of his license, so they could be deposited. But this was only after I cried and talked to 6 people, including the bank Vice President. Lol 

Re: Just a word of caution - banking related.

  • I am very glad they were so kind to work with you on that, but in all honesty, it is just common sense that if the checks were made out to both of you that they wouldn't allow you to deposit them into an account that didn't have his name on it and the checks didn't have his endoresement.  It entirely cuts him from access to the money that had his name on it.  Your intentions were entirely honest, but that is exactly what a crook would try to do to get money away from someone.
  • Oh I am not saying what they were did was wrong. I'm just saying that I had no idea it would be such an issue and wanted to forewarn other girls that might end up in the same situation.

    We were married, had a 2 week honeymoon and he's back in Cali and I"m back in PA - with us not even knowing when he'll be back in PA to have signed the checks. That's what caused the panick. I was worried that this thousand of dollars in checks would expire before he would even be able to sign them. Wish we would have known to have a joint account before and we never would have had the issue in the first place.
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    You don't have to make accounts joint in all cases. There are banks that will give you the option to make someone an authorized user. Just throwing the info out there for anyone lurking.
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