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Jewish Glass Breaking

Hello all,

I had a big question regarding a reading or program explanation regarding the breaking of the glass at the end of the ceremony. I have scoured the Internet and these message boards for a beautiful explanation I had gotten a few months ago but seem to have lost it. It leaned most toward the love and marriage aspect rather than the religious aspects. Can anyone help me?


Re: Jewish Glass Breaking

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    Our program said:

    At the conclusion of the ceremony Husband will step on and break a glass. The broken glass reminds us that even in moments of joy, life and relationships are fragile and should be treated with love and respect.
  • 2dBride2dBride
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    Our program said:

    At the conclusion of the ceremony, NotFroofy and 2dBride will break a glass by stomping on it.  This well-known custom has many symbolic meanings.  One explanation is that by breaking the glass we are reminded of the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem.  A second view is that a broken glass cannot be mended and this reflects the permanence of marriage.  Lastly, the fragility of glass is a symbol of the frailty of human relationships.  Even as we strengthen our relationship with the act of marriage, we must remember the care required to maintain this bond as we move forward with our lives together.  The breaking of the glass is also a cue for friends and family to shout, “Mazel Tov!” which means “Congratulations” and “Good luck”, and sometimes even to break into song...

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    [trouble with pages loading, hope this works] How about part of this: http://www.chabad.org/library/article_cdo/aid/477337/jewish/Finalizing-the-Nuptials.htm
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    Our program read:

    The wedding ceremony ends with the breaking of the glass.  This custom has many interrelated meanings. It is a traditional reminder that even in joyous times, we must not forget less fortunate times and destruction. It is a reminder that even on the joyous occasion of a wedding, the world is still broken and we must remember the concept of tikkun olam, repairing the world.  The fragility of the glass also represents human relationships: even the strongest love must be protected from damage.  Additionally, just as a glass is changed forever when it is broken, the bride and groom are irreversibly transformed upon their marriage.

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    "At the end of the ceremony, we will break a glass together.  It is traditional for everyone to shout 'Mazel Tov!' at this time.

    There are a few different explanations as to why we break the glass.  First, once broken, a glass cannot be mended.  Marriage is a transformative experience that will leave us changed forever, and it is fragile.  We must support and nurture one another and our relationship to keep it strong.

    A second interpretation is that even in times of great joy, we must remember that there is pain and suffering in the world, and we are all responsible to help repair it.

    In medieval times, the sound of the breaking of the glass was said to scare away evil spirits that might be present at the wedding.

    The breaking of the glass signifies the end of the ceremony and that the celbrations may begin! "
  • Musicheals71Musicheals71
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    Our program said:

    The final event under the chuppah is the breaking of the glass.  This event has several meanings.  Even in our greatest moment of joy, we remember those who are suffering.  We also commemorate the destruction of the Temple with the destruction of the glass.  Most of all, we know that the marriage will last as long as the glass is broken - forever.  At the same time, the shattering of the glass is a cue to all of us here to shout out, "Mazel Tov!", and shower the newly married couple with love and joy!
  • ucfandreaucfandrea
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    From my program:

    The most well-known tradition of a Jewish wedding, Jack will step on a glass at the conclusion of the ceremony. It is said that this tradition reminds us of the fragility of personal relationships. 

    For simplicity's sake, I kept all of the explanations of the parts of the service to no more than 3-4 sentences - too much info can be overwhelming, and most people won't read it all anyway.

  • mickeypottermickeypotter
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    Or you can add, "This will be the last time XX (groom's name) will be putting his foot down in this relationship" It gets a great laugh
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    In Response to Re: Jewish Glass Breaking:
    [QUOTE]Or you can add, "This will be the last time XX (groom's name) will be putting his foot down in this relationship" It gets a great laugh
    Posted by mickeypotter[/QUOTE]

    Haha I like that a lot. I may be stealing that one. 
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    Thank you all so much for all your help!  I have so many different choices now for the program and ceremony!  You guys are awesome!
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