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Photography Review - Tillman Branch

Just wanted to throw this out there, got our proofs back from the photographer and for the most part are pretty pleased with them. 

However, there is not a good formal shot of the two of us in the entire 573 odd photos. When I asked for an explanation of this, they replied that we had not requested a formal portrait of the bride and groom and therefore the photographer took a  more artistic approach to the photos. (a lot of the photos are from about a mile away and you can't hardly tell it is us in them)

I would never have thought that a photographer would skip a formal photo of the bride and groom because it hadn't been requested. For the record, when we were contacted about what photos we for sure wanted to be taken we came back with, group shots of family. We didn't realize that we needed to specify that a formal shot of the bride and groom should be taken. 

Ladies, please be careful when communicating with your photographer and request everything that you want, even if it seems obvious, otherwise you might be disappointed. 

Re: Photography Review - Tillman Branch

  • ScMOBScMOB member
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    Just wanted to relate our experience with Mike and Rachel of Tillman Branch Photography.....
    We booked them for our daughter's wedding after an extensive online search of numerous photographers in the area.  They offer great package options with affordable pricing.  More importantly, when my daughter met Mike, she knew immediately that he was the one that had the personality that would mesh the best with them.  Even when we had to change the wedding day because of my son-in-law's Army committment, they were more than accommodating to the change. 
    Their engagment session and her bridals are unbelievably stunning.  Sure, they're "artsy"...but that's why you hire them.   Some of my daughter's bridal portraits are so beautiful that they literally took my breath away.
    Their wedding day was AWESOME.  Everytime I looked they were there, getting shots of EVERYTHING!  My son-in-law and several of his friends will be deploying soon.  He wanted shots of all of them together, and Mike braved the gnats outside for a LONG time...getting all the shots he wanted.
    I'm sorry you had a less than 100% experience....but I highly recommend Tillman Branch...for their stunning work, their love for what they do and for just the kind of people that Mike and Rachel are.  They are great photographers and will do anything you want them to do....all you have to do is ask. 
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    I'm not completely disappointed in my photos, I think we'll be able to put together an awesome album. I just don't feel like we have what we wanted to enlarge and hang on the wall. 

    After talking with my mother last night after she has looked through the photos, one of her comments was that it seemed like he was shooting for his portfolio rather than for us with the shots that were so far away and with so many of our backs. 

    We had no idea when he was taking the pictures that so many would be from so far away, so we didn't ask him for other shots as we thought he had captured everything.

    As a photographer, I just don't think his focus was completely on us. As a person, Mike's great, he was very fun to work with.
  • cougarettecougarette member
    edited December 2011
    ahem... I think I'm going to need to see some pictures. Tongue out

    Yeah as I look through my pics (not with Tillman Branch) I'm bummed out that we didn't get any of H with the girls.  But there just wasn't really time.  It took forever to do my sister's hair (my MOH curled it for her) so we couldn't do them before the ceremony.  Then we didn't want to stop partying to do them after.  Oh well, it isn't the end of the world, but I like the ones of me with the guys so I wish we had the other set.

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  • ScMOBScMOB member
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       Just want to start out by saying that the only relationship  I have with Tillman Branch Photography is as a past client.  Not an employee...not a friend of the family...just a mother of the bride that was fortunate enough to have them photograph her daughter's wedding.    That being said.....
       I must admit...when I saw my daughter's  bridals for the very first time I thought...there's no posed "formal" picture to "hang on the wall".   But then when I looked again, I saw that the photographs that were taken of her... were HER!  She's not a "posey" kind of person.  Her wedding (while it was a formal event) was not stuffy or traditional.  It was fun....light...very "Charleston".   The photographs reflect that feel. 
      I have a posed picture of my husband and me from 30 years ago, that was what was done back then.  The style of photography now is better in my opinion....granted I had to rethink my opinion of what I thought I wanted to see in a picture.  You know what I mean?    Posed shots were what I was familiar with.   But now that I see the style involved and how you are able to capture the moment and the personality of the people in the photos, I see that it's so much better than a impersonal posed shot. 
      Granted if you want a posed shot....ask for it!  The thing that bothers me most about this discussion is that you insinuate that Tillman Branch was taking pictures for themselves and not you!  That they were "building their portfolio".  I think if anyone is interested in them as photographers....and there are TONS of wonderful reviews of them....you should look at their website and judge for yourself.  They have a very impressive portfolio there already!!
      Meanwhile my daughter's pictures are SPECTACULAR!!!  Over 1000 images....one more fabulous than the next!
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    Excuse me? I can't post a critical review because I'm not completely happy with my photos, and you think they are the best thing since sliced bread? Lay off. This is a review, not the end all be all of their worthiness as photographers. Positive and negative reviews are what help others make decisions. 

    Please don't make judgments about my photos when you haven't seen them and I won't make judgments about yours. That's great that you had wonderful photos, that doesn't improve mine. So I will keep my opinion and you can keep yours. Everyone else can decide for themselves by reading BOTH positive and negative reviews and seeing samples of their work.
  • ScMOBScMOB member
    Knottie Warrior 10 Comments Combo Breaker
    edited December 2011
    Wow!  Not even sure how to respond to this.   You are most certainly entitled to your opinion, as am I.   No where in my posts did I "make judgements" about your pictures.   I originally posted just to offer my positive experience and only posted again when you made the comment about "shooting for his portfolio".   I just didn't think that was a fair statement to make....but again...you are entitled to your opinion as am I !!    I surely didn't mean for my post to be anything but informational.  I truly hope you are able to put together a wonderful album of photographs from your wedding day. 
  • JAD/SDGJAD/SDG member
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    edited December 2011

    I was just recently married & had my photos taken by Tillman Branch & LOVED THEM!!  all 1000+ of them!!
                  The main thing that drew me to them was the fact that they stated on their site how they are UNLIKE the traditional wedding photographers. They plane as day stated that if you wanted the traditional ordinary pictures that they are not the right photographers for you!!. I Loved the fact they they wern't into all the posed formal pictures. I will say that they kept in touch with us and asked us several times leading up to the ceremony to submit a list of ALL formal shots that we wanted to have taken at the wedding/reception. We received all the ones we asked for & there are several other ones that were not necessarily "formal" but could definitely be used as a formal picture. I have been showing off my pictures for the past month & have not heard anything other then how AWESOME they are. They really captured our day & who we are. If you want all formal pictures go to a studio.. if you want a true story of your wedding day book Tillman Branch!!

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    After a recommendation from here, I booked Tillman Branch for our engagement session. We met with Mike and immediately felt a connection! We did our E-pics and absolutely fell in love with them because they weren't like everyone elses. I've seen my share of bad wedding pics and posed, stiff ones, and we booked TB because they're not like that!  Mike's traveling up to PA to shoot our wedding, and I absolutely cannot wait to see the pics afterward!

    OP, MIke makes is perfectly clear that he's not your "typical" wedding photographer, he takes an artsy/fun approach which is most likely why you hired him in the first place. If you're not happy, throw the dress back on, have DH put a tux on and take some more pics of the two of you with TB or any of the other photographers in the CHarleston area. You'll be more relaxed and don't have to worry about getting your dress dirty...lol.
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