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"EAT RIGHT 4 YOUR TYPE" = best thing I've ever done


This book is a nutrional plan approach based on individualized blood types.  I won't get into the science behind it as the book itself does a nice job of explaining it in the first chapter before laying-out what makes each blood type gain weight.  I studied the science of this while in university which forever changed the way I ate.  If you're lazy, don't have time to exercise, but want to get back down to your natural weight, this is the way to go. 

My experience:
I put my (now) husband on this, and he lost 20lbs by simply not eating something his body cannot break down.  In his case, it was red meat as he has Type A blood.  For me, having Type O blood, I couldn't break down wheat, but red meat was fabulous for me.  We both ended up looking AMAZING for our wedding without hitting a gym (didn't have the time!!).  People always ask me how I look so fit and stay thing, and this is the answer. 


Re: "EAT RIGHT 4 YOUR TYPE" = best thing I've ever done

  • Wow! I'm type O and I never heard of that! That could explain A LOT!

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  • This may be a piece to the weight loss puzzle, but it's not the entire picture. i am pretty sure if I stop eating red meat but continue to eat french fries, cookies, fried chicken, & don't go to the gym I am going to gain weight!
  • I don't follow it but I have read some of the book. It told me that my blood type does not process dairy well, and I am lactose intolerant. My nana found that a lot of the foods that she should avoid are ones that she doesn't eat anyway because she either doesn't like them or because they make her feel sick.

    I believe that your body tells you what is good and bad for you, you just have to listen to it
  • I'm 0 and my sister is A, my mom is A and dad is 0. All of us "break down" both wheat and meat nicely. Seriously... I mean GOOD GOD. IT'S THE CRAP YOU PUT IN YOUR MOUTH AND THE LACK OF EXERCISE THAT MAKES YOU FAT.
  • I didn't know I was gluten (wheat) intolerant as I *THOUGHT* I could process wheat well.  My favourite foods were rich breads, pasta and pizza.  Once I experimented with removing the wheat I noticed a huge difference- one I wouldn't have noticed without having done the Blood Type Diet.  A couple years later, my intolerance showed-up on a blood test and my MD advised I no longer eat wheat.  This book helped me identify a latent problem my medical doctor couldn't. 

    As for your ridiculous comment which somehow required you to call on the Lord, I'm 5'9", 125lbs and have taken personal training courses.  When the wheat thing was not under control, I was 135lbs, and could NOT lose the "softness" around my otherwise very tone abs.  This was the only thing which could take care of that and the "puffy" face. 

    I'm sharing this info with brides because I want you to look as fabulous as I did on my wedding day.  Being confused with a professional model is a good thing.
  • Yeah promoting a book and saying excersize is useless, great advice. What a crock.

    What youve basically just said is switch one extreme diet for another - go from eating tons of carbs to tons of red meat. Eating food IN MODERATION, and exercising, is the healthiest way to lose weight. Its frigging common sense. I dont need a book about blood type to tell me not to eat a lot of bread or a lot of dairy or a lot of red meat.
  • Um yeah, pardon me for calling your Lord *rolls her eyes* It's just that your type is really provoking on this board, which you'd know if you'd care to familiarize with what the majority of the posters stand behind.

    And as far as your "scientific" diet, hrm, good for you to find the latent diagnosis your doctor wasn't able to find. So far no empirical results whatsoever support that theory of yours.

    My ridiculous comment however has a LOT of empirical research results behind it and in fact more people than you can imagine can testify that their bodies have responded as expected after testing this hypothesis/theory.

    And for the record - if you'd know your stuff - it's zero, not the letter o, you're referring to while speaking of blood types. The major systems are the AB0 and Rhesus systems. There has been no link shown between the presence/lack of carbohydrates that form a person's unique combination of blood types and digestive enzymes so far. If it truly is like you're claiming, many more humans would suffer from food-related problems, because everyone carries those carbohydrates on their erythrocytes. Oops.

    Just go away, you could very well be the writer her/himself, promoting that ridiculous thing - that's best suited for something else - to these fine ladies here.
  • Oh, I forgot the best part, the one about how good it is to be confused with a professional model.

    (I'm well aware of the fact that BMI isn't always a good tool, but in many areas of the world there are no other way of measuring fat percentage, so I'll have a go at it anyway)

    WHO has set some reference values for normal weight and malnourishment, and lo and behold, many professional models fall much below that magical number. So please enlighten me how this would be healthy and preferable to promote on this board? It's a rhetorical question.

    I don't care if you're a troll or not, because many ladies care to read what's posted here and I - as a future doctor myself - won't have any kind of misinformation posted, especially if it's putting "thin as a professional model" and "fabulous" into the same sentence.
  • Go brynhild!
  • The OP reads like a commercial.  Her follow-up even more so.

    I vote for vendor bannination.

    Oh, and brynhild, you = awesome.

    Also, her 5'9" at 125 is very close to being underweight.  IMO, that look is just gross.  Women are supposed to have curves.  Who wants to snuggle with a pole?
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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  • [QUOTE] If you're lazy, don't have time to exercise, but want to get back down to your natural weight, this is the way to go. Posted by myvee[/QUOTE]


    Blood type diet? Seriously? I'm pretty sure that eating RIGHT, eating in MODERATION, and EXERCISE are the key to a healthy life. FYI, you NEED exercise to truly be healthy, not just look like a twig with eyes. 

    Push your fad diet elsewhere, please. This DOES read like an advertisement.  I also vote for vendor banning.
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