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New York-Long Island

Freaked out!!!!!!!!

So stressed about the size of the room for our reception!! I love the way it looks, its gorgeous. My current location is the Watermill Caterers in Smithtown. We have the entire outside and inside room for cocktail hour which is lovely, aslong as its nice weather *crossed fingers...and toes!!!* Anyhow they also have a room that they use for small parties and the wedding Chapel (gorgeous room) but the more times I visit the Watermill (to make payments or attend wedding stuff) I feel like the room is getting smaller~!!! lol It is supposed to fit 110 "comfortably" to me, thats CRAZY! Has anyone ever been to the watermill and seen the chapel room?! Im starting to freak out!
 (our wedding is from 70-85)

Re: Freaked out!!!!!!!!

  • arizoniscjarizoniscj member
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    If they say it fits 110, and you are expecting 70-85, i'm guessing you will be fine.  They are pretty good at positioning tables and working it out.  If you were expecting 100-110 people, I would guess it might be a tight squeeze, but being a good 30 people below their maximum... I think you will be ok!.   Take a deep breath :)
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    I visited there yesterday and saw the chapel room.  I wouldn't be worried.  They suggested it to me for my wedding of 100.  One thing that is nice about having a smaller room (in my opionion) is that it looks fuller if you don't have tons of guests.  I'd rather the room look a bit fuller than have it look empty.  They showed me the chapel room and also the one on the left side when you walk in.  Can't remember the name of it.

    Good luck and don't worry!!!
  • claudia326claudia326 member
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    thanx! Who showed you around? did u get a price?
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    OMG I felt the same way with the Skylight Room at Jericho Terrace but trust me the venues have reputations to uphold and they will not overcrowd a room.  My room looked huge after it was completely set up and the uplighting was used.  My husband was like see the room looks great.  I guess us brides freak out over everything bc we just want it to be perfect.  
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