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Feb. 2013 Wedding..need color ideas

Hello All!
It looks like I'm getting married in Feb.2013.  We are doing it in little time b/c my grandfather's health isn't good and he is like a "father" to me.  Lots of questions, so little time!!
What is a great color or color combo for Feb. wedding in Jacksonville,Fl?
We are getting married in my church and the reception will be held at either Deerwood or Deercreek Country Club...haven't made a final decision.  Any advice or suggestions??
Thanks sooo much!!

Re: Feb. 2013 Wedding..need color ideas

  • Congratulations!!  Sorry to hear about gramps but I am sure he is so excited to see you (and walk you?) down the aisle  (in just 4 months!!!)

    I am probably not the person to ask about wedding colors...1st it took me until just last month to finally decide on what my colors are going to be, and they might be changed again!  Also, I am very unconventional so lots of my ideas will probably be scoffed at by all those ettiquette "hall monitors" lol!!

    First color combo that pops into my mind is gold and burgundy. :-)
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  • This is a great site for inspiration! 

    Welcome and good luck :)

  • My colors are silvers with white & gray. I also like almost any combo of 2 or 3 of these for winter: navy, aqua, plum, black, charcoal, silver, gold, copper
    or to go lighter with lots of candlelight: champagne, ivory, blush, and add darker browns or other neutrals if you want.
    I had such a hard time with this at the start, but lots of colors are great for winter! There's also red, but being so close to Valentine's Day, I wanted to avoid that.
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  • Do you have any sort of theme? I love love love pink and gold together. I also think almost any color goes great with grey....
  • Our colors are gray and yellow. Gray is the main color given it is a formal wedding and yellow serves as the accent color. 

    Hope this helps!

  • I'm getting married in Florida in February too and had a hard time picking colors...it took me about 8 months to decide! But our colors are wine and yellow (sunflower). 

    Try this website for inpsiration: http://design-seeds.com/index.php/search
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