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My fi and I have decided to go with cupcakes. His sister is actually doing them for us. When we first got engaged I also discussed having a mini cake for us to cut, just so we can stick with tradition in that aspect. 

Just wondering what everyone thinks. Is that a good idea? Or would only cupcakes suffice? 

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    You don't have to have a mini cake to do a cake cutting.  You and your FI could cut a cupcake in half or even just feed each other a cupcake for the whole "cake cutting" thing.

    My H and I had cupcakes with a top tier to cut.  Up until the time where we actually cut the top tier we didn't know if we were doing a cake cutting or not, we just decided last second.

    Either way you go it will be fine.  Just make sure you have a cupcake for each guest...maybe a few extras if you can swing it.

  • I'm doing a small, top tier cutting cake and also cupcakes. I've seen displays done this way and also without the top tier cake. It really comes down to personal preference and what you prefer.
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  • Im doing cupcakes with a 6" round for cutting.  You can also cut a cupcake.  It just really depends on your preference. 

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  • I am also doing a top tier cake for us to cut and cupcakes for eveyone else.
  • we are doing a 3 tier cake and cupcakes instead of sheet cakes... We decided to do it this way because i hate sheet cakes. I wanted to do cupcakes and my FI wanted the tier cake Doing it this way we are able to get 3 different kinds of cake just in case someone doesn't like white... just things to think about
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  • It's become pretty common to have a 5-6" top tier to cut. I've seen it done without it too, but the couple usually doesn't cut the cupcake. My DOC said she's seen a few who try to cut the cupcake & it's almost always so messy. It falls apart weird, they leave on the paper so it won't cut well...just not as nice. If it's in the budget and you want to do the cake cutting, then get a top tier. That's what we did also.
  • I'm making a layer cake for my FI and I to cut and having cupcakes for everyone else. The cake needed to be vegan so I could eat it and a vegan cake was incredibly expensive! So I'm making my own cake. Honestly, there are plenty of places where you could get a cake to cut if you want to stick with that tradition but you'd also be fine if you skipped the cake cutting all together. 
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  • It's fine to forego the cake cutting. 

    If you want to do it, you can either do a small  cake atop the tower or separate. Or you can cut a cupcake. 

    I really love the look of an actual cake at the top of the tower, though. It kind of finishes it off and makes it look nice. I've also seen a small floral arrangement at the top of the tower. 

    DD is just doing cupcakes no cake cuttting. 

    Do what you feel most comfortable with! Nobody will miss the traditional cake cutting if you don't want to do it.

    (Honestly, the less formal little activities like that, the better in my humble opinion. I realize it is largely about the couple, but too much of that sort of thing can get really boring for the guests.)

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