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Looking for Places to take wedding pictures.

I'm looking for a nice place take my wedding photo's besides the art museum or the botanical gardens. If you guys could please post some ideas I would be very grateful. Our wedding is in August and we don't want to travel to far from Toledo for the pictures. Please and thank you!

Re: Looking for Places to take wedding pictures.

  • MerinMerin member
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    All of the Metroparks have great locations, especially Wildwood and Sidecut.  You can also find great spots for more funky/urban shots in downtown Toledo.  Or even go over to the docks area on the river.
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  • cschuma2cschuma2 member
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    The best advice I have would be to not look at a setting as a whole.  You won't be taking pictures in front of the entire park, or the entire downtown.  Instead, look for a brick wall, small bridge, doorway,garden area, fountain, train tracks, staircase, etc.  that catches your eye.  These places could easily be within walking distance of your ceremony or reception place and you haven't even realized it.

    If you are doing pictures between the ceremony and reception, I would strongly suggest looking for a nearby place to go.  Nobody likes going to a reception that is immediately following and waiting for a loooong time for the bride and groom.

    We took pictures in Pearson Park (ceremony site) and then we went downtown for some more urban shots.  I don't know specifically where we went though as our photographer would just point to a wall, doorway, etc. and tell us to go there.
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    Ditto PP.

    We ended up just taking pictures around my church's property.  And, it wasn't exactly some picturesque location... but there were so many little places to do pictures, like against a brick wall, in with a few trees, leaning against a fence, near the side of a barn, etc. 

    I would HIGHLY recommend finding somewhere very close.  Being on the same property, we just walked around, which made it really relaxing for us and very easy for the wedding party.  (No worries of anyone getting lost, being late...)

    Our photographer said it was one of her favorite weddings to photograph because of it... she said it just felt so relaxed and she was able to focus so much more on getting good shots than on finding and moving to where they need to go.

    Just my (long!) two cents.
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    Thank you all for the wonderful ideas! We have made some interesting choices for photo's. We chose Wildwood metro park and Woodlawn cemetery. Yeah I know the cemetery is an odd one but there are so many beautiful spots there and lots were no head stones can be seen! And the lake with the swans!!! I use to sneak in there as a child and it is lovely in August with all the tree's still in bloom. Just wanted to let you know and both are really close to the ceremony/reception site. Wish us luck!!
  • courtney1188courtney1188 member
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    Another vote here for Wildwood! We are doing our engagement pictures there in the spring.
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