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We are thinking about having a winter wedding, not really in "Northern" MI, but we're not that close to Lansing or GR either, we live in Midland, so we'd have the wedding there or in Saginaw.

What I was wondering is if anyone has had any experience with winter weddings in MI (Dec. 28 is potential date) whether it was your own wedding or someone else's you attended.

I'm really torn as to whether I want to do it or not, it could be made into a beautiful wedding but I don't know if the positives outweigh the negatives and risks.

Anyways, any advice would be greatly appreciated! I'm just kind of in a really indecisive place right now!


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    hi, im alissa. i live in iron river michigan and im getting married the 31 of december next year... and i know what your saying. winter wedddings are classy, elegant and gorgeous though. tough decision. winter weddings are less expensive too, epecially if your getting married on a friday and later on in the day.Laughing hope i was a little helpful.
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    We're about 98% decided on Decmber 31, 2011 - a year after you actually.

    You're way up where it's actually really cold too...I decided it's worth the risk because of all the positives, plus who doesn't want to go to a wedding reception on new year's eve and not have to worry about finding a place to go! After someone pointed that out I worried a lot less about acceptance rates.

    What type of location did you decide on for your wedding?
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    I have done 3 New Years eve weddings as a planner and foudn that attendance is triple what it is in a normal day wedding mainly  because its a great way to bring in the new year with your guests.  I do wedding and event planning for brides from simple to complex weddings,  I was married on December 28th 1990 and would not change a thing, snow was falling and the pictures were amazing.   the feel was fabulous and the atmosphere was perfect, 

    Let me know If I can help you with anything I have tons of information on my website as well for you for your local michigan wedding. 
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