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Wednesday Chit Chat

Good morning laides!

So basically I'm bored at work and just wanna chat with people.

I was looking through pictures of a wedding FI and I went to a few weeks ago and it got me thinking about our wedding and how it's not that far off, and I'm just a little excited for it. hahaha. I think I may have finally found the perfect hairstyle. I should be getting my dress back from the tailor's this week. I've got my bridal portraits in a few weeks, I'm just kinda over the moon about everything and every time I think about how close everything is I get butterflies in my stomach in a really good way. I feel like a little kid who can't sleep on christmas eve.

But regardless of all that, real life moves on around me. Work, family etc. I have a job interview in the afternoon tomorrow and FI and I have been fighting his mother on where our stuff belongs right now. Despite her assurance that we could store wedding decor at her house in their oldest daughters old bedroom, we have been kicked out of that space and had to move everything to my grandmother's house yesterday and we now have to find a place to put the shower gifts that is not their house too. It's been an annoying mess.

How is everyone else doing, wedding or otherwise?

Re: Wednesday Chit Chat

  • Personally, I'm a strange mix of excited and stressed. The good news: I'm flying home tomorrow for my showers and dress fitting! Yay!! Very excited to see family and friends FI I live in CA but we're both from MN/WI. The bad news is: my invitations have been my biggest headache and worst nightmare. They had to be reprinted TWICE and are going out over a week late this Friday and last night we received the envelopes. We made the mistake of paying extra to have the addresses printed right on them but they look SO tacky. Left justified and not in a fancy print at all. Still figuring out if we're gunna get new envelopes and do some last minute hand addressing but there's 215 invites.. yikes or just shrugging it off and sending as is because we're so over things going wrong and just want to be done with those.
  • yikes! That's no fun.

    We elected not to get the addresses printed because we didn't even have all of our addresses until like two days after we sent out the bulk of the invites. But I can understand how that would be frustrating.

    I decided that I was putting so much work into how the invites looked that I didn't care what the handwriting was like and just wrote as legibly as I possibly could.

    But that's so exciting about your showers and fitting. That'll be nice to see family. Are you getting married in the MN/WI area?
  • Yes, we're getting married in Green Bay! Just praying the weather cooperates :D
  • I hope so too!

    I hope the weather here cooperates. I'd be okay with snow on the grass, or just generally cold, but if it even thinks about getting above 50 the day of my wedding, I'm gonna be pissed. hahah.
  • Hahah I'm more worried about snow storms or ice lots of people driving from out of state!
  • I am getting both excited and stressed too.  I guess I just want the big day to be NOW.  Thank goodness things have gone pretty smoothly so far.  My ceremony will be outdoors, but since I'm in South FL it shouldn't be too bad.  The only thing is it may rain, but we have a back up plan - thank goodness.
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  • staar987staar987
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    I have been getting excited. Things are pretty much done except for a few thing that can't be done until the last minute. I am starting to get stressed because FI's family is having some major drama and it has been taking a toll on all of us. FI was talking to his brother last night and the brother was complaining about how he has 2 vacations coming up before Christmas and he feels he won't be able to enjoy them now. FI was like "If you want to talk about pity parties, our wedding is coming up and now we have a bunch of people that are not allowed in the same room together!" I laughed. Thank goodness that I don't have any major planning left!

    I am not brave enough to even think about an outdoor ceremony. I made it perfectly clear that I don't want to stress about weather. I know that So Cal doesn't really have much different weather during the winter, but I don't even want to think about it!


  • Heroes-Sort of random, but did you ever find that Clone Wars hat you were looking for on the Attire board? I looked for pictures for the rest of the day after you posted that, I feel invested now! :)


  • Staar, No I never did. I contacted Gap customer service, but the best they could do was ask me for the item number (like I had it) and help me find one in another store. I'm more just floored that I can't find one anywhere online. not even ebay. Oh well. Maybe I'll find one some day.

    And I feel you on not even wanting to stress about the weather. There is a reason I chose the dead of winter in Oklahoma. We may get snow and ice occassionally, but for the most part, it's pretty tame. But you could have offered me my dream wedding all expenses paid and you still couldn't convince me to have a spring wedding in Oklahoma. I don't do tornados. at. all.
  • Ohh tornados...can't blame ya there girl!  LOL.

    I feel like I know some of you personally...haha..just from posts and stuff.  It's sooo nice that some of us are in this "together" kinda..even States apart and not knowing one another really, its still nice to find support on here and hear stories of other peoples drama and dilemna's!  NOT that I want anyone to have them...just makes me sigh and feel better that I'm not alone.
    the big "storms" of drama have passed THANK GOD..now its been a better ride and I'm getting more excited about things again...just had my shower last Sat..got amazing stuff and some money for our Honeymoon flights.  : )  YAY!!
    I'm going over centerpiece ideas with some of my girls this weekend...have some diff thoughts.  Doing a Winter FairyTale theme...tried silver branches with LED lights on them, now thinking of other creative stuff....too much to post...but DIY can be kinda stressful too. 
    Praying for good weather for my day as well....I live in Upstate NY...hello...snow is no foreigner in January here. 

    Hey question please- how in the world do I change my date on my Home page?!?!?  That stuff is sooo old and not even accurate anymore lol.  Thanks!  : )

    I wish all of your girls the best.  God is so good!
    God is Faithful!
  • WS- You can go into your account and change your date and things, I'm pretty sure. I had to do that since a joined as NEY and FI and I changed our date a couple of times in the preliminary planning stage.

    I will be thankful for everything to be overwith. I love my FI and I can't wait to marry him, but more than that, I'm excited to get FMIL out of our hair. We're both still fresh outta college and we were engaged when we graduated. Since he just graduated this past summer, we decided to not mess with finding our own living accomodations until we found them together so we're both still living at home, and FMIL just might get a face full of pie at Thanksgiving if she doesn't bring it down a notch, just sayin'. hahaha.
  • Heroes-better pie than mashed potatoes! In regards to the hat, maybe you can find an Etsy seller to make something similar. Or maybe there is a place that you can get custom hats made. No idea.

    WS-I love DIY. I think that actually calms me down since I have control over it! It will all turn out great, don't worry about it!

    I'm just ready to go on our honeymoon and enjoy Hawaii and time away from everything!


  • I'm just batting a thousand today. First boss tells me that his higher up won't let him bring me on full time, then my seamstress tells me that the 3 weeks I initially gave her to hem my dress, put in a bustle and take in the straps a bit isn't enough. She told me she could do it in a week, but I didn't need it back that quickly, so I told her I didn't need it back until the 17th, so I called her today since I still hadn't heard anything from her and she says it won't be ready until Monday. Not a big gap, but still, that tells me she hasn't even started on it despite the fact that I gave her two more weeks than she said she'd need.

    I will be spending tonight with a crappy attitude and a bottle of wine. Poor Fi.
  • Sorry to hear that Heroes! I was supposed to have my fitting last Friday, on Thursday the seamstress calls and tells me that she is behind since her granddaughter had a baby. Sigh. I understand, but schedules had already been changed to accommodate that appointment.

    I would like to just relax tonight, but we are watching 3 boys. Ages 3, 4, and 8. Please let them want to make hand print turkeys. I have no boy activities! We don't even have a tv!


  • Staar- hahaha, I hope all goes well with that. I've had that age range before. It was interesting. had them for a week, but luckily in their home, not mine, so they had plenty to do.
  • Yeah, not a good age range. I am an only child, I don't know how to play with kids! I'll let you know how it goes!. They are coming over at 6. I was told that they would be doing alot of running around today. So hopefully they will be tired and just fall asleep. T-minus 3 hours!


  • We got our invites out on Sunday so really yesterday and its so nice to be done with them! We did sort of a modified caligraphy, and even though we only had to send about thirty, i was so sick of addressing them! We meet with our officiant this month, have my first dress fitting, do our food tasting, and hopefully getting the mens suites squared away. I feel like we are so behind, but we only decided the date and started planning about a month ago so i guess its not too bad. On another note, FI and I are dilgently house shopping and going to open houses. We have some strong contenders but none that we love yet!
  • Heroes- thanks for the heads up on the date change in my account- will check that out in a few!  : )
    Also- HAHAHA about the faceful of pie for your FMIL!  I hear that at times!!!!!  My Fi and I were living with his Mom to save money for the wedding, temporarily but we JUST moved about a month ago now.  SOOO glad.  Everyone is in a MUCH better mood since then.  It was NOT fun.
    I dont think anyone should live with their in-laws....not if they want to live and see their wedding day.  LOL!!!  Just too much drama.  Thankful that we found a place of our own.
    We wanted to wait until after the wedding but we just couldn't...we had to go! 
    I think alot of people deal with family drama right before their weddings..Idk..it's kinda part of the deal maybe?  LOL.  Moving forward!  : )
    I'm sorry to hear about your job too...that really stinks...I hope something better comes along or it works out that you can work FT there.  Keep us posted!  You write so candidly..its nice to read your stuff.  I love to write, I just dont have alot of time to be on here but I try to check it once a day!!

    Staar- thank you!!  Yes, it will all work out.  Deep breaths and lots of patience!  RIGHT?!  Hahaha.
    ; )  I truly am so excited to see it all coming together.
    Hawaii- NICE!!!  Good for you guys!!  : D
    God is Faithful!
  • Congrats on house hunting!!  : )  I wish we could!!!!  We tried but can't afford it right now.  : / 
    HOW EXCITING though!!  I hope you find the right one. 
    Also- I wanted to encourage you- it sounds like even though you dont have a ton of time with things, you really have a good handle on everything.  : )  Keep going, girly!

    In Response to Re:Wednesday Chit Chat:
    [QUOTE]We got our invites out on Sunday so really yesterday and its so nice to be done with them! We did sort of a modified caligraphy, and even though we only had to send about thirty, i was so sick of addressing them! We meet with our officiant this month, have my first dress fitting, do our food tasting, and hopefully getting the mens suites squared away. I feel like we are so behind, but we only decided the date and started planning about a month ago so i guess its not too bad. On another note, FI and I are dilgently house shopping and going to open houses. We have some strong contenders but none that we love yet!
    Posted by ksblumb[/QUOTE]
    God is Faithful!
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