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Hello all! 

I recently got engaged (he asked me in Palm Springs on top of a mountain). I really want to make my wedding a small get together because I don't really like attention on me...i know lol. We decided our wedding budget would range from 7, 000 to 10 but I would rather keep it at 7 because we are saving up for a house and thats the most important thing to me right now. Does anyone know of venues that dont charge that much so I can make my budget? I live in the los angeles area but willing to get a venue as far as long beach

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    have you considered a small ceremony at a local courthouse or maybe a garden with a reception at a local restaurant that you and your FI love? I know up here in the ventura/ santa barbara area there are gorgeous restaurants that you can rent either the whole place or a significant portion as long as your bill is over X usually in the 57000 range. But if its a nice place and you are paying for alcohol then it can add up pretty fast. oh, and restaurants are generally already fairly well decorated and you dont have to pay to rent table, chairs, etc. so it could save a bit
  • Thanks! I was trying to look at the Figueroa Hotel In Los Angeles but they haven't gotten back to me. Hopefully I get more ideas because I have no idea where to begin. lol
  • You should look into The Reef in Long Beach. I was recently there for an open house they had and the prices were reasonable
  • Thank you. I have been looking around and I have plan B as well. My friend who is an event planner is helping me out so there goes some stress
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