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Having 2nd Thoughts on Venue

Has anyone used The Barn at Town Corners in New Era?  We secured this venue about a year ago, but I am having 2nd thoughts on whether this is the perfect location for us.  Our guest list is growing, and I am afraid we won't have enough room.

I am willing to forfiet the cost of the rental, if I can find a venue that feels right.  Or is this a normal feeling, and I am just freaking out?  Should I check out other venues?  

It is a super cute place, but worried about so many different things!

Any help is appreciated!

Re: Having 2nd Thoughts on Venue

  • Have you looked into Double JJ?  We are having our Ceremony and Reception there, mainly because we have a lot of out of town guests.  We are planning on about 200 people, so they would have a large enough facility for you.  I am pretty the The Barn is right around the same area, right?  Near Rothbury?

    I say if you are worried about your venue and considering changing locations, now would be the time to do it.  Many places are all ready booked.

    Good Luck!  Best wishes!
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