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Hi Girls! I live in southern Florida (originally from Maryland). I am looking at a wedding in MD or FL- all comes down to what is more affordable- thank you recession. Anywho... I just saw the Herrington on the Bay locating on the show Whose Wedding is it Anyway and thought is was SO pretty. Are any of you familiar with it or seen it in person? Thanks for your help.

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    My FI and I actually went there to check it out when we were looking for venues.  We got a good impression of the place.  There are multiple water-view areas depending on the size of the wedding.  We liked the reception area, which is a fully-covered, but still gives you the outdoors feel.  We chose another location (Chesapeake Beach Resort and Spa) because we have a lot of out-of-town guests and we didn't like the motel-feel of the rooms at Herrington.  If that's not a big deal to you, I think it's a beautiful location for a wedding.  Anything else you want to know?
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    I've seen weddings at the Chesapeake Resort. Really nice there!!! Do you happen to know the prices for the packages there at Herrington? Thanks again!!!!
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    I got married at Herrington on the Bay last year and everything was amazing. There are some pics in my bio. They used to have pricing on the website but they've changed it and I don't see it anymore: I would just email them for a price listing. Let me know if you have any other questions!
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    Googs - Check Baltimore board - paged you over there about Chesapeake.GoTerps - I have not seem it yet - but the two venues (Herrington and Chesapeake Beach) are fairly close, so may be worth checking both out.Also on the water is Chesapeake Bay Beach Club (I heard pricy?), Harbortowne, and Swan Harbor Farm are ones that come to my mind.
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    Goterps- I am getting married on 8.9.10 which is a monday and it is fairly inexpensive. if you want I can email you with sample invoices that they sent me.

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