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Suggestions?Budget Cake/Cupcakes but taste Good in DC

Hello! I am starting my search for a bakery but I do not want to spend alot of money on a cake/cupcakes.  Also, I am open to having only one teir edable and the rest fake with sheet cakes cut secretly in the back.  I am looking for places and prices if you have any suggestions please!  Getting married at the Hotel Monaco in DC. estimated 165 people

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Re: Suggestions?Budget Cake/Cupcakes but taste Good in DC

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    I do not have access to a link right now, but I found a cupcake tier that cold be very easy and cheap and DIY if you or someone you know is crafty. I wil send the link to you in a PM later. It is what I am doing for cupcakes. Because the tier from a distance looks like a really nice decorative fondant cake, but the cupcakes are just simple white (or whatever color you want) icing on the top. This cuts down on the cost of the cupcakes significantly b/c you don't have to worry about decorations for them. It will be way cheaper than cake.
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    Go to your local grocery store (Safeway or whatever) and have them make the sheet cakes for you. Many grocery stores also make wedding cakes, so you could have them make you 1 layer to cut, then sheet cakes.  This is a very affordable option.
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    I searched craigslist and facebook for local people most are great they are just trying to get a start. I am making my own but i have made cakes in the past. Depending on what you it could be fairly easy task

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    I forgot to PM this to you last night, but I dug around on the internet and found the same picture I have saved to my book marks.  Here is what I was talking about that would be a simple DIY project (my wedding planner said she could make it) . You can choose your own fabric/wallpaper and really make the tier "you".

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