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How Do You Pick a Florist?

That is next on my list and I have no idea how to go about picking a florist?  And recs on who to pick and who not to choose?



Re: How Do You Pick a Florist?

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    Sugar Snap!  She worked with me via phone/email since I live 8 hours away from OBX and she worked within my she is super nice!
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    I love Sugar Snap too.  She was the most expensive, but she'll work with your budget.  I loved that we did just about everything by email with TONS of pictures.  We went out last summer to meet with vendors and she blew me away.

    I also met with The Embellishers.  They didn't seem to be on quite the same page as me, but they were very friendly and had great prices.
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    Shirley from Sugar Snap is my florist too!  She is AMAZING!!  She was actually less expensive than Renee Landry for me, but Renee was also really fantastic, very cool lady if you have the chance to meet with her!  Shirley and I just clicked a little bit better and her first proposal really nailed it for me - plus she gives you three budget options without you having to ask for it specifically - and then you can choose what combination of things you like (or totally start over when you change your color scheme, like I did - HA!).  :)  

    Ditto PP - Shirley brought LOTS of pictures when we met in the OBX last summer and her work is just incredible.  The kinds of flowers I really like, combined in interesting and beautiful ways.
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    I am going with Bells and Whistles (who was what my planner had suggested) - Dorothy is very nice and has great pictures, but she was a bit difficult to work with to stay within our budget.  We gave her out budget upfront, and the proposal that she came back with was 2 or 3 times the original budget!  It was hard to carve things back since I want the wedding to be grogeous, but that was a bit difficult for me.  I know that she just opened up a new sotre that has a DIY area so that brides/bridal parties can come in to make your own arrangements, etc. if you are looking to save money, but not entirely sure that I would recommend her just based on the back and forth that we have had to do over the budget and proposal.
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    I second the ladies above- Sugar Snaps is awesome! Shirley is super helpful, their pricing is reasonable and they can do pretty much ANY design you want. I am soooo glad I chose them.

    If you want advice from other vendors in OBX, you could ask for recommendations too. That's ultimately how I decided, good reviews from brides and vendors.

    As a note on Bells & Whistles, I met with them but ultimately felt that their design ideas and mine just didn't mesh well. But I think it is most important you just go with your gut on who the right person is. Hope this helps!
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    I picked Renee Landry based partailly on recommendations from here.  My officiant Marsha Johnson (Great Cakes), also recommended her.  I like her a lot, but I will reserve full judgement until after my wedding in 4 weeks.  I do plan to return here after the wedding to give a recap and review.
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    I've been struggling with this myself, but mostly because after getting great proposals from two vendors (Holiday House and the Embellishers), I don't know how to decide and tell one no. 

    Both seem to have great reputations and have put in time coming up with ideas on flower types and arrangements.  Going with my "gut" says Holiday House, but I really like the discussions I've had with Brenda at the Embellishers (who came back a little cheaper) as well.  I was going to contact Renee Landry w/Blooms, but after two great proposals I couldn't bare going through a third and making a decision -- and telling two people no. 

    Also, picking a budget and staying with it has been particularly difficult with this part of the planning.  I honestly had (and still have) no idea what flowers/decor should/could cost... I'm learning that anywhere from $150-$300 is common for just the bridal bouquet -- obviously a bit higher than your 1-800-flowers dozen roses or spring mix! 

    Sorry for the long reply, but this is exactly where I am in my planning right now....
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    If you want to do  DIY, Harris Teeter in Kitty Hawk has great prices & beautiful flowers.  The woman that runs the floral dept. is super nice and my mind is drawing a blank at the moment of her name.  She has been doing flower arranging for 15+ yrs. and her prices are very good as well!!

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