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Bridesmaid and photographer, check

This last week I got the photographer I wanted, and today I had a great time with my friends and now bridesmaids as well. We went to the Hillwood Estate, Museum and Gardens in DC for a tea where I handed to them a personalized invitation. They loved and all said yes.
I am as content as I can be during this time of the year after what happened to my son. It is so emotionally confusing because it was supposed to be an exciting time for me, but it's very bitter sweet - more one than another - and it is so hard to move on with life and wedding planning while I am still in a grief process for my son loss. But God, good friends, family and FI are supporting me a lot and bringing me some hope that I will overcome this pain one day. And is still amazing how much I love him more and more every day! 

Re: Bridesmaid and photographer, check

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    Who did you end up getting for a photographer?  I am sorry that I have not gottne back to you on anything.  I have been busy with work and the holiday.
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    Congrats!! I'm glad you had a great time with the BP!!
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    I got Jean Linden, do you know her? Now, I am looking for a Hair Saloon with a spa, for me and my bridesmaid. Do you have any recommendations?
    I also got a florist (Bernie), a DJ (Ultimate Entertainment) and a Wedding Planner (Sue Willenborg). Do you know a place in Glidden named Lincoln Club? I am thinking about to hold the rehearsal dinner over there.
    Have you got all your vendors already? 
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    Jean Linde is a great photographer.  I just saw my cousins wedding pictures that she took and they were very good and there were a lot of them.  Bernie is a great choice for flowers.  I have been talking to her some and I am also renting some vases for my centerpieces from her.  I had forgotten about Sue as a wedding planner.  I have heard good things about her.

    I have been to the Lincoln Club for a wedding before and it is nice.  How many people would be at the rehearsal dinner?

    I would suggest Hot Headz Salon and Spa or Ahead of the Times  for salons.

    I have most of my vendors booked.  I am working now on tuxes, finishing the guest list, and musicians for the wedding.

    Let me know if you need anything and I will try to help.
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    The rehearsal dinner will be also a welcome dinner for the OOT. So it will around 25 people. Today  I talked to the Headstrong hair saloon and they will take me and my bridesmaid for both, make up and hair. The lady there is the wife of my fiancee's nephew.
    Who are you using for wedding planner, and photographer?
    I am still browsing for a ceremony location and for transportation.
    In about two to three weeks I should be sending the Save the Dates, hopefully.
    Thanks for all your help!!
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    I forgot about Headstrong (their new name is Salon Tief).  They have a brand new building that just recently opened and I know many of the ladies that work their.  Do you know which lady will be doing your hair?

    I am not using a wedding planner.  I was going to but then I wanted some specific things and they wouldn't really go with my idea so I have a friend, who is great at decorating, helping me.  I am using a photograher that is fairly new called Hildebrand Photography. 

    I hope you are doing well and good luck with the continuing wedding plans!
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    The lady that's doing my hair is Jill Snyder (she is married to FI's nephew), but I don't know if she is the one doing my make up also, because I think she is working along with someone.
    Who are you using for tux linens and transportation?
    I am still browsing for ceremony venue and I am very worried with the transportation. If you know any executive cars rental in Carroll or close by, please let me know. I will need to rent one for my guests OOT.

    It's been a bitter-sweet time, I still cry a lot, but I am trying to move on with life.
    I wish you the same and lets keep in contact!! I am planning to go to Iowa for a long weekend in order to check things out in April and if you are available, I'd love to meet you!
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    I think that we are going to get the tuxes from Billmeiers and we are using a bus for our transportation from the wedding to the recpetion.  Your transportation for the OOT guests really has me stumped.  I have no idea what to do on that. Judt let me know when you are planning to come to Carroll, it would be fun to meet you also.  I hope your planning continues with great success! 
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    I was browsing for car rentals in Carroll and found out two companies (dealers) that rent cars as well. Fi is making the contacts and we will rent about three cars for OOT.
    I hope to find the ceremony place this week out of the ones I've searched already.
    My big problem now is to find a Day of Coordinator because Sue Willenborg backed off.
    I need a new one and if you know anyone please let me know. I know what I want and even found where to get the things, but I can't coordinate things on the wedding day.
    I hope going to Iowa next April after the Easter and will be in my MIL house, in S. Walnut Street - two blocks from the church where you will be marrying. When I book the flight, I will let you know when I will be there for sure.
    Good luck with your plans as well and thanks again for all the help.
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