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ok, so both my FI and i love tattoos, and i have a friend who does tattoos professionally.  i asked her if she would come set up in a corner of the reception and she will do tattoos for everyone. the bridesmaids will get theirs for free as their bm gifts. what better way to commemerate my special day than something permanent like a tattoo!!!

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    Honestly...I don't think that would go too well unless EVERYONE already has one/wants one. That might put pressure, or not be fair I guess you can say, to those who don't want one.
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     i had plans to do something else for any bridesmaids that didnt want a tattoo, but i think most of them want one. :)
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    Can they do that wilth codes?  And I would check with your venue.

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    Yeah, I'm not sure how great of an idea this is... If all the bridesmaids want them, then maybe you could go a week or so before the wedding to get them?  Maybe part of the bachelorette party?
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    Will there be alcohol at your reception? Drinking + easily accessible tattoos = bad idea. And are you really sure that other people want to commemorate your day as much as you do?

    It's an interesting idea, but I'd give it a definite no.

    I 2nd Sarahbeth's idea of doing it as part of the bachelorette party.

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    I too think it depends on the venue and style of the wedding.  It could fit it very well and be a hit with some people, but may be better as a bachelorette party event.
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