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Hurricane Sandy

everybody stay safe!! anybody in the path??
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Re: Hurricane Sandy

  • Sending up my prayers for those who are in Sandy's path!  A friend's family lives in an area that's supposed to be hit.  They've had some hard stuff to deal with recently, so we're praying that they'll be safe in PA.
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  • i'm in central PA and in its path...everywhere is going crazy at the stores buying generators we had bad flooding last year and we are expectinga repeat or worse... i'm packing for the appocolypse going to work on monday ... i hope my class is canceld for school on monday we have a huge test ... haha ... i just hope i can get home ... probably sending my son with my parents so he has power they bought a generator.. Not sure if we can get to their place after work monday to take advantage of the power if needed...

    it kinda facisnates me but i'm hoping i dont have to drive in too much of it ...
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  • sounds really scary!! I hope everyone keeps safe, and dry, during it, and that it's weaker than they think it's going ot be!
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  • rajahmdrajahmd Galifrey member
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    Virginia is locked down tight.  My college even cancelled classes today, and they NEVER do that.  It's currently raining cats and dogs here- we'll see how the day goes.  It supposed to get worse this afternoon. Crossing my fingers I don't lose power!

    On the plus side, my fiance got me a Furby for my birthday today. I had a whole collection of them as a kid, so I was dying to get one of the new ones.  Now I have a new (battery powered) toy to play with if the power does go out, lol. It's also great for torturing the cats. They don't quite know what to think of it yet.
  • We were spared this time. Praying for those who will be affected!

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  • We live in Western PA and we aren't in the DIRECT path, but we are definitely getting it. It's been raining like crazy all day and the president has declared a state pf emergancy for our whole state. My school (I'm a teacher) already has a 2-hour delay tomorrow. Hoping it doesn't turn into a cancellation because I have a lot of work to get done there and I don't want to make the day up. The wind is crazy right now! My husband is worried about tress falling down everywhere. Hoping we don't lose power! My cousin lives in NYC and she is staying with a friend outside of the city. A friend lives in Philadelphia and she is okay. We have family in a lot of places it is hitting. Prayers for everyone! 
  • I somehow still have power !! But they locked down Philly ... I had a detour on the way home 2night from work .. School was canceld YAY ... off 2morrow ... So i am safe .
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