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Fiance and I are trying to find inexpensive violinist and fluist or guitarist for our wedding.  Any recommendations/contacts?

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    Have you considered looking into students? Maybe contacting a school and seeing what kind of deals they might be able to give you? I suggest this as you said inexpensive, and all of the performers I've looked into are pretty pricey. I haven't gone the school route myself (we aren't doing any live music), but that would be my instinct. Good luck!
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  • We used a trio from Go4Baroque- no problems and we thought the prices were reasonable!
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  • We've been trying to reach out to the schools, but are having trouble finding good points of contact and hearing back.
  • I used a fabulous violinist, her name is Angela. She gave me permission to share her info if anyone asked. A year ago she charged me $150 for up to 1 hr at the ceremony, and it was worth every penny. I heard her play at a friend's daughter's wedding, and her version of "Ave Maria" made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. She's that good. She also plays guitar.

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  • http://www.danmazur.net/ for a guitarist.  He's great.
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