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    Never heard of him....What did you budget for your photography? If you don't mind me asking. I've researched what seems like 10 millions photographers and know all the price points, what they have to offer, etc. Maybe I can help you find someone within your budget and you would like their work a lot. No need to sacrifice your photography...that's what lasts the longest from your wedding. There are several ways to cut corners and prices in your wedding. :)
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    I have never heard of Alan R. Ball, but I am using Devyon Hise Photography. I just took B-pics with her and I love the way they turned out, she did a fantastic job. I also loved the way the wedding pics she has taken have turned out for other weddings. Our package was 1200 for 2 photographers for partial day and all pics on a cd. I think that her whole day package was 1500. Just thought I would through that out for you.
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    Thank you ladies,
     I just want to clear up, that I really do like his work! I wouldn't be settling for quality at all. It was just a few of the photos from the weddings he has shot that I would raise my eyebrows at... but that is a handful out of a couple hundred.
    I have done a lot of research on the matter-- the photographer is the vendor I have been having the hardest time with. One of my best friends is a photographer she has told me the different price points, and what you should look for in a photographer, etc.....
     My budget is $1000, and that is stretching it. Which isn't a lot for a "fantastic" photographer.
    I need 2 photographers for no less than 8 hours.I want all the proofs in high resolutionI don't want any of the other "stuff" (I have the technical skills and resources to make a wedding album for a fourth of the cost).I don't need an engagement/ bridal session -- friend above has offered her services.
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    I met him for a consultation.  He was my 2nd choice (should have went w/ him) and the only reason I didn't go with him was because i found a girlt that offered more for less (bad call on my part)

    I have nothing bad to say about him from talking with him and looking at his work.
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    You may try Hibben. They are around 1150 but they include an engagement session, maybe ask if you cut that out if they could work with you. There are 2 photogs for at least 8 hours and high res images on cd..check them out!
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