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An update on my Bridezilla...I was thrown out of the wedding!

I oringinally posted about three weeks ago about how I was dealing with a Bridezilla, and needed advice on if I should step down as my friend's MOH due to the way she was treating me. Everyone who responded gave great advice, and I gave myself a few weeks to think about and write out some of my thoughts. I decided in the end that I was going to not go to her bachelorette party; the party was getting so expensive and I couldn't afford to spend all the money driving/flying to her hometown to attend, and then turn around two weeks later and do the same thing for her wedding. So essentially, I could just afford to attend her wedding weekend.

So, I told her that I couldn't afford to attend her bachelorette party and she sent me a message and basically threw me out of her wedding and told me that I can "shove my invitation up my ass." So I have been offically stripped of my MOH title and am not even attending as a guest. I just told her "Okay, sounds good. I will not be there." She sent me another message to basically tell me I am a bad friend, but I haven't responded being as I was kicked out of her wedding. There is nothing more to say to her; except maybe to suggest that she seeks mental health treatment for being insane. 

Honestly, this is a GOOD thing for me. A weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. Plus I learned how NOT to behave if I ever get engaged and start planning a wedding...haha.

Thanks everyone who responded for the advice. And who knows? I am currently in a great relationship; maybe I will be back on this board soon...with a POSITIVE post about my bridal party...and to set any future bridezilla straight!

Re: An update on my Bridezilla...I was thrown out of the wedding!

  • Well, I'm sorry your (former) friend is insane (Kicking you out of the wedding for not being able to afford the B-party?  Really?), but it sounds like you're well rid of her.  Yeesh.
  • Yeah, your ex friend sounds like a winner. I would just take the high road on this and consider yourself better off. Don't stoop to her pettiness or cursing/name calling. If she seriously kicked you out of her WP for not being able to afford the b-party, then that's not someone I want to be friends with anyway.

    Maybe one day you will have the opportunity to discuss with her how all of this made you feel, and maybe she will realize what a douchecanoe she was, but...meh. 
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  • MairePoppyMairePoppy Connecticut
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    I'm sorry that the person that you thought was a good friend turned out to be a nasty, inconsiderate wretch. You're better off without her.

    I'm sure your bad experience will help you be a better friend when it's your turn.
  • Boy, did you dodge a bullet.

    Are you friends with anyone else in the bridal party? You know we're gonna want all the gory details of how everything else goes! :)

  • Wow. She sounds like a real peach. I would have been kicked out as well, because I wouldn't have enough money for two round trip flights two weeks apart- on top of everything else you'll spend on her party/wedding.

    You can still stick around the boards even if you aren't engaged! :)

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  • OliveOilsMomOliveOilsMom South Jersey
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    Good Riddance to that Bridezilla!  I remember your original post and I am happy that you won't have to deal with her anymore!
  • Yes, please do come back with the gory details if any friends share them.
  • Congrats on your (unfortunately) good news! IMO, some people are BSC, even if they don't mean to be.
  • Wow what a selfish brat!  Weddings can make some people crazy, sorry it turned your friend into a crazed lunatic.  Enjoy her wedding day and treat yourself to something nice, knowing that no one is going to yell at you or boss you around!
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  • She defines bridezilla. Actually she should be the benchmark for bridezilla-ness. Sounds like you are free of all her crap, and have ever right to feel good about it.
  • Wow, she sounds like an absolute peach! Losing a friend over a party-- how childish. You will be so much better off without her attitude! I'm glad that someone had the nerve to stand up to her.
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