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First Vendor Quote!

I just got my first quote from a vendor. The tent we want to rent will cost us $2,150 which is big enough for 200 people and includes Tables, Chairs, and dance floor... Is that a good price? I am in the Philadelphia suburbs....

 I have no idea if it is a good price, but I am elated! Oh my god, I never thought I would be so excited to potentially spent this much money! I told my mom, I told my friends, I told my sister, I even called Frank. I guess this makes it feel real for me, like we are really going to have this wedding and be married. Now that other people are finding out and participating, it can't just be pushed back forever. We have felt like we have been married for years now, but do confirm in with family and friends will be amazing. I am the first in this generation to get married on my side, and I feel like when we first told them 6 years ago, they though we were joking. No one seemed excited, no one offered to help plan. Now, everyone is into it, they want to help, they are so excited for me! Watch out Sun, I am glowing pretty bright right now!
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Re: First Vendor Quote!

  • Congratulations on your first quote! Unfortunately, I have no idea if that's a good price as my wedding is indoors, but it's awesome that you're feeling so positive and excited!! You've been engaged for 6 years? It must feel great to finally be planning the wedding!
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  • Thank you!! It does feel great. We started planning when we had set our date in 2008, but things didn't work out for us in the end, and we had to push it back. I am so glad that it is finally time! I am doing my save the dates tonight!
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