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Has anyone been a guest at Highlands Country Club?

Seems this place has very good reviews from people who had their weddings there, but am wondering if anyone has been a guest at a wedding at Highlands and your thoughts of the place/food as a guest. Thanks.

Re: Has anyone been a guest at Highlands Country Club?

  • I was a guest there about a year ago and thought it was great.  The setting, the food, the service were all very good.
  • Yes I was there about three years agos. The outdoor cocktail hour was great, and inside was just as beautiful. The bar for the recetion is in another area but it didn't bother me.
  • I haven't been a guest there, but FI and I were looking into Highlands as our venue. There's no need to tell you that this is a stunning venue, the ballroom is absolutely gorgeous. We stayed and had dinner at the restaurant there, and the food was fabulous. We often talk about going back there just for dinner, even though we live about an hour and a half away. :)
  • Hi Mellimel19 - yes, we had looked at it too. Did you end up booking it or choosing somewhere else? Why did you choose somewhere else? I was asking who was a guest there because i often find reviews by brides seem to say everything is wonderful all the time - where as I think guests seem to have a different opinion and see things that the bride and groom are obviously (and for good reason!) too busy to see and are caught up witht the moment.
  • We ended up booking another venue because we would have had to cut back so much in so many other areas to be able to afford having our wedding there. Instead we opted for Round Hill House, which fit our budget better, and we are happy with our decision, we love Round Hill! That said, I would have been happy to have our wedding at Highlands if we had a higher budget. The woman we met with (I forget her name) was very responsive via phone/email, and she was very nice in person and seemed to be very accommodating to the client's needs. That, combined with the gorgeous ballroom and the delicious food, I think you can't go wrong with Highlands. That's just my opinion though! :)
  • Thanks Mellimel19 - yes, Highlands is just above our budget too, which is why we are on the fence about it. It is very beautiful, but we do probalby need to make some cuts we are not sure about...that is why I was trying to get a feel about what guests think of the place (ie. if we had to stretch our budget a bit, I want to know it's worth it).
    Thanks again. Sounds like you have found a great place that works for you!
  • Thanks, I think we made the right decision for us. Best of luck to you in your decision!
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