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New Baby @ Wedding :)

My FI's brother & wife are expecting their first baby! That means a few things.. a) FI & I are becoming Uncle & Auntie for the first time b) baby is due in December (brand new baby at Christmas? Sweet!) and c) we will have either a 5 month old niece or nephew at the wedding!!  I'm so excited! I have a younger brother (5 years apart) so my chances of becoming an Auntie in my family are a longgg ways off ha I just cant wait to have a new baby in the family (this is the first grandchild, first niece/nephew for his side of the family). Our goal is to be the bestest, most spoiling Auntie & Uncle. Anyone else out there get super excited when they became an Auntie/Uncle??

Re: New Baby @ Wedding :)

  • Babies in the family are fun :)

    It has been awesome having my nephew home because he comes over with my sister for dinner now so it's a lot more entertaining then a hospital room.
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  • I LOVE babies!!! lol We dont have any babies on my side of the family... But FI has 2 nieces and a nephew so I end up spoiling them as if they were mine...
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  • I CAN'T WAIT.  My older (2 years) sister got married about two or three years ago and both sides of the family want want want babies.  I emailed her after asking her to be a bridesmaid to be like...any chance of a baby bump getting in the way???  She said no.  I was sad :) 
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  • I am a proud Auntie of 3 amazing neices and an awesome nephew. They will all be at my wedding. They all live in other states so I dont get to see them that often and miss them dearly.
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  • Aww, congrats on becoming an auntie!! Babies are such a blessing! I have one niece, she is 6 now, but I absolutely adore her and spoil the heck out of her.
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  • I love being an aunt, I even make myself an honorary aunt to friend's kids! lol
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  • Awww congratulations :) I'm the oldest... my brother is next but he has never had a gf and he is 20 Undecided. My sister is 17, almost 18 so that won't be for awhile... I wish I could be an aunt soon, awww but that won't happen for a long time. 
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  • My friends are honorary aunts and uncles to my dog, lol.

    But no actual nieces or nephews for me!
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  • My nephew is 2 and my niece was just born a month ago. They are both so adorable and I'm in love with both of them! They'll both be a little older for the wedding, but my MOH will have an 8 month old for the wedding, which is pretty cool too. 
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