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Fall Traditions

Now the it's labor day weekend -- which is kinda the start of fall -- I am curious as to what fall traditions you have? 

Mine are watching NFL games (go Bengals!) with my family, or at Buffalo Wild Wings with H; making homemade vegetarian chili with H; lighting my favorite Yankee candles (the fall scents are the best); and visiting beautiful VA wineries, with the mountains and foliage providing the best backdrop!

Some new ones I want to start this year are apple picking, apple baking (natually...if you're going to pick, you must bake!), and maybe decorating fall cookies.


Re: Fall Traditions

  • i used to love apple picking (crops are ready now in MA, a few weeks earlier than normal).   love carving a pumpkin for halloween too, and i also enjoy making all those "cold weather" meals that heat up the house like meatloaf, turkey, homemade mac and cheese, etc.
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    Mmmm mac and cheese....sounds like a great idea, Calypso!!


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    I am getting out my fall scented candles. I have also been scouring magazines for new crockpot recipes, etc. But it is still 93 degrees here, so it doesn't feel like fall at all. But we are going to get some relief when we get the remnants of the hurricane the next few days.
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  • Yeah, it's in the 90s here, but  I'm in air conditioning so I can pretend lol. 


  • Yeah we don't really have "seasons" in Houston (basically, just summer and a brief winter)

    But I do like to bring out the fall candles.  I am kind of home-fragrance hoarder.  And I just bring them out in seasons.

  • I'm excited to live in a place that actually gets seasons!

    We don't really have many specifically fall "traditions," although I'd really like to make a fall wreath for our door, and then just get outside a LOT more.  My family used to go hiking in the Ouachita Forest in Hot Springs, AR in the fall and it's just breathtaking.



  • Oh, and I'm also looking forward to making soups.  =)



  • Prof - I looove soups! We have soup at least once a week when it's not blazing hot out.

    Fall has become a major celebraton time for my the past few years. We have a bunch of birthdays in September, including our son (who will be one on Tuesday!), my nephew and brothers-in-law. Then our anniversary and hubby's birthday are in the beginning of October. And we always have a Halloween Chili Cookoff for our friends at the end of October.

    Then there's November. I *love* all things Thankgsiving and Turkey. It's a little out of control.

    I also bake a couple of apple pies, especially for mister's birthday and then usually another one for "regular" consumption.
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  • Fall is definite baking season and comfort food time. We always hit up the apple orchards nearby, corn mazes, and nature trails. Making finger foods for the football games (I'm a Ravens and Notre Dame fan, FI is a Vikings and U of Michigan fan) and enjoying the rivalries. I bring out the candles and watch tv in the candlelight. Making hot cider and reading a book on the porch with a blanket. And decorating for Halloween is a month-long endeavor for my daughter and I. It's so much fun!

    Ah, I can't wait for fall!
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  • Aww, all mine have been said so far!

    DH LOVES fall, whereas I hate it cuz it means the end of summer! :-(

    I do love candles, but I was reading recently about how their is "bad things" in the scented ones, so that makes me kind of sad. (But kind of makes sense. Gosh, I'm paranoid about everything...)

    I also love soups! I love how I can puree them and get DH to eat just about anything that he claims he "hates." muah ha ha ha...

    Last fall we got married, so that will be kind of fun to think about as the leaves are changing and such.

    I also LOVE donuts (and cider. I tolerate the cider so I can eat the donuts. ;-) I have to keep my eye out for an awesome cider/donuts place this year!)
  • I loooooooove fall. The big highlight is temps that regularly drop below 100 in September and below 90 in October. Yes, sadly, that is what we desert-dwellers call fall. But nights and mornings cool off enough to actually go outside, and even use a light sweater.

    Really, though, I'm obsessed with fall: the cooler weather (even if it pales to your cooler weather, there really is a big difference) and the coming of the holidays. I'm a huge sucker for both Thanksgiving and Christmas and get into the Turkey Day spirit right around October 1. I even think I'll enjoy Halloween this year; with C I can enjoy the fun-for-kids side (rather than the excuse-to-party-adult side). I love soups and stews and baking and pumpkin food and apple food and fall clothes and the cozy, homey feeling.

    I have a September birthday, and I always pretend it is "real" fall for my birthday. Yes, I'm that cheezy.   I could continue rambling, but I'll spare you all my not-poetic rhapsodies on fall!
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  • The height of Fall is the Far Hills Hunt and my family turns up with every friend they have.

    it's basicly a charity steeplechase to raise money for a hospital there but the attendance is well over  250,000 every year and it's a blast!    We bet on all the races and drink tons of champagne.
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    I'm in Canada so fall=Thnaksgiving. It's Oct 8th here. It also means leaves changing and back to school for me. I make soups and FI loves homemade apple cidar. It's also the start of the NHL season!
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  • I love fall!  I just love the leaves changing their colors and the cooler temps.  We go to lots of festivals.  This weekend is Scottish Games.  Mid-Sept is Irish Fest (halfway to St. Patricks Day) but one of our groomsmen is getting married that weekend so we will miss most of it.  We also go to Apple Fest every year (we don't pick apples, we just buy them haha) and they have a wine tent but our Best man is getting married in Oct and his FI already told me that her bachelorette will be the same weekend as Apple Fest so we will likely miss that.    I love getting ready for the winter but with all this wedding fun and my schoolwork, I may miss out :-(
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  • Fall = football season at our house!  I've gotten pretty into college football, still working on NFL - I like watching the games, just not as much of a die-hard fan as FI.

    I'd love to get more into baking, but this fall will be pretty busy with wedding stuff so that might have to wait more until winter.  I'm also pretty excited for soups - I could eat soup anytime of year, but FI is weird about not wanting soup unless it's "soup weather" i.e. fall.
  • Fall also means the Renaissance Festival for H. He loves it. I have come to enjoy it as well, but don't get into it near as much as he does.
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