eloping in Kauai

It will just the be the two of us...in only a couple months and we just got engaged.  Even with us going the simple route, I'm still feeling overwhelmed as someone who has never even been to Hawaii. 

Excited though!  Any advice?  The whole point of us eloping is that we have no central location for family and friends...and to simplify.  Don't want to spend a fortune, but want to have an amazing vacation and some lovely pictures.

My requirements:  feel pretty, have good pictures, marry Cooper! :)

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    First, congratulations!!

    I would start searching for a wedding coordinator, that was the first thing we did and it was so helpful! We're having a very small wedding, just us and our parents, and even though it's small, it's just awesome having someone there to help take care of the details and get everything in order, especially since we've never been to Hawaii and won't be there until 2 days before our wedding.

    I would also recommend not skimping on a photographer! Since it's just going to be the two of you you'll want the best photos you can get to show friends and family when you return.

    Congratulations and welcome again to the board!
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    If you're looking for a photographer/coordinator, we used Kaye with Maile Weddings and she was phenomenal, we can't think of anything we would have changed about the experience.  She doesn't have the typical "island time" attitude about responding to your questions, she was really, really quick, normally answered our question the same day.  Very reasonably priced and our pictures are amazing!  weddingsonkauai.com

    Let me know if you have any questions, I've been to Kauai a few times, and it really is my favorite island. 
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    Congratulations. Your story sounds very similar to my own, except my fiance and I are getting married next year . We have a package by the Bridal Dream Wedding Company in Honolulu. There packages include minister, photograher, etc.

    Check out: http://www.bridaldreamhawaii.com/kailua.html
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    Welcome! I went to kauai last june & can show you some photos of places/beaches we went to & offer advice on sights to see. We saw a couple of strangers weddings while we were there. It was such a great vacation!
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    Thanks, guys!!! :)  Loving all the help already.  We live in Northern California and are new here so not many friends and no family around the area to help with this brainstorming.

    Thanks!  Will look into some of your suggestions.  Photos are my main focus.  Also hoping for video since no one will be there with us.  I know people would like to see our ceremony however non-traditional it may be! :)
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    I LOVE you photographs!  Like you, my fiance and I are having a private ceremony in Kauai.  I would love any advise or suggestions.

    Also, this may seem silly, but what did you do about getting ready (alone or with you fiance) and, how did you arrive to your ceremony site?  Together or alone?  A limo or did you drive?

    This would be such a huge help!

    Thank you so much.

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