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New Hampshire

Church Cost.. too much?

So the church my FI & I chose to be married in is gorgeous. I'm completely obsessed with it... its one of those old, classic looking Catholic churches with the long aisle and beautiful ceilings and everything. My only issue is.. to get married there costs $600 all together (500 for the church, and 100 for the wedding coordinator there).. in my opinion, I think that's pretty steep... what are your thoughts? Does anyone know the average cost? As always, thank you in advance!

Re: Church Cost.. too much?

  • ncarter0866ncarter0866 member
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    I know if you choose to be married at the place of your reception, if it is offered, then they charge you an extra $400-$500 to have the ceremony there. Of course it varies from place to place though. So $600 may not be too bad. It really depends on your budget and what the most important things are that you will not comprise, no matter the cost.

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    Like the PP above said, a ceremony at a reception hall is usually an additional $500. I'm getting married at my reception site so I don't know how much the churches usually run but you also have the think about on top of the $500 fee for the ceremony at the reception you also have a JP/officiant which can run you another $200 or so.

    Also, I know you are venue searching and looking for a venue with hotels near by and I want to recommend Sky Meadow Country Club. I'm getting married there in November 2011 and the place is amazing. There are some hotels near there (not right on location but Nashua has plenty of options for hotels) and I didn't think it was too pricey for food and they include a wedding cake from either Jacques Pastries or Creative Cakes by Debby!
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    At the church where we are members it is costing us $300 plus the fee for the organist, cantor , and any others we want involved for music and we were planning on giving our priest at least $150.  I was a little shocked at the $300 price, but after asking around I discovered that it wasn't too bad. 

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    IT was an additional $600 for us to have our ceremony at our reception hall, it cost us $1000 to get married in a church... at that point, $400 difference wasnt that much. So... I think $600 is a steal! 
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    I'm an active member of my church an its costing me $750!!! Its almost $900 if you aren't a member....

    I think that its ridiculous that it costs so much but what can you do?
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  • jrich7686jrich7686 member
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    Thanks ladies!! I guess $600 is pretty standard then... you're all so helpful thanks again!
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    Yeah, the church I'm getting married in isn't extravagent at all and is costing me $650 (including officiant). 
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    We are paying $300 for the church and then another $200 for the music coordinator to play the organ. 
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