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Bug control?

My wedding is going to be outdoors, next to a river, the ceremony starts at 3:30 and the reception immediately follows at the same site.  As we'll be there through dusk, I'm expecting bugs!  Any ideas for bug control?  I will put bug spray/wipes in the bathroom baskets, but beyond that I'm just not sure.  I feel like citronella candles just don't work that well. Any ideas?
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Re: Bug control?

  • Use vanilla! You have to get real vanilla from madagascar or mexico. You can find it at a speciality food store. It might be a bit pricey but at least you would smell like a cookie instead of bug spray. Good luck!
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  • I've seen more fancy looking bug candles in TArget and Pier 1.  Also, OFF makes that thing that keeps bugs away with vibrations or something.  they have the little personal ones you clip to your clothes, but I think they have bigger versions too.

    Or you could go with the blue light bug zapper!  :)  (Haven't seen one of those in years.  Do they still make them?)
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    There are companies that will come out and spray- try googling
    You could also leave bug spray out in a basket for people to use as needed
  • Maybe you should put the bug spray by the ceremony site? I'm not sure it will get used much if it's in the bathroom.  Maybe you could have a basket that says, "keeps away all bugs but the love bug."

    This site gives directions for a DIY bug repellent candle.  You could make them in mason jars or cute candle holders for decorations.

  • We are buying several bottles of bug spray and putting them at the end of every other row.
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    I would look into having the ceremony site fogged for bugs.  If you google it I'm sure you can find somewhere in the area that does it.  Also have plenty of bug spray on hand.
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  • I have researched everything for bugs from deer flies to mosquitos and from all my research I've found that the only thing that will keep the mosquitos away for sure is bug spray. I've decided to stick to just that. Citronella candles and all that other stuff only works if the smoke comes in contact with the bug. From what I read fogging only works on the area that gets sprayed, it won't necessarily keep the bugs away that decide to travel to the spot on wedding day. And fogging won't work if it is windy at the time of fogging.  I've also researched the best bug spray if you haven't bought any yet! Cutter Advanced is what I found to be the best. It's free of DEET and has the highest amount of picadarin or however you spell it which is safe for kids and those adults that are worried about putting chemicals on them. I actually found it at the christmas tree shop (if you have one of those around) for only $4 which is a steal.  As far as deer flies go, if you have any, the only thing to do is kind of crazy and not doable if you can't go to your reception site often. You need a bucket, painted or covered in a bright colored paper, then put tangletree or tanglefoot glue on it and walk around with it and I guess all the bugs stick to it! I have crazy amounts of bugs at my home/wedding/reception site so I'm researching like a crazy woman!
  • We did not have any trouble with mosquitos at all.  We treated our grass with a spectracide and it worked wonders.  We had citronella  tiki torches placed strategically around the site and it was wonderful.  No bugs, no bites and no pests.
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