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Mexican themed art museum dinner, menu help needed! : )

Looking for some input!

We are having our wedding at a local art museum and will be bringing in an offsite caterer. I wanted to incorporate my fiance's heritage by serving Mexican food. However, I would love for it to still feel modern & well rounded.  

Transportation & budget issues have dampened the vision we had of really cool & well-plated hors d'oeuvres.

Our current menu (partially suggested by our caterer) is as follows...

Chips and Salsa
Vegetable platter
Fruit platter

Dinner (Buffet style)
Beef & Chick Fajita
Refried beans & cheese
Mexican Rice
Seasonal Grilled Vegetables

Mexican Brownies (Or Churros?)

Would love any thoughts, ideas, suggestions for easy but cool appetizers!!!!! :) Anything!!!

Re: Mexican themed art museum dinner, menu help needed! : )

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    I love your menu! There is this really amazing Mexican corn cake (they serve it at El Torito) and it is really really amazing. Totally not essential, but really delicious if you wanted to see about adding it :)
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    Thank you! That's an idea, as well.  : ) Definitely could use a side or two. 

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    I LOVE mexican food! I think your menu sounds great as is.  If it's in the budget to add the corn cakes, that would probably be an inexpensive addition.  I not sure what part of the meal you are thinking about adding to, but you could always add grilled shrimp to the fajita selections, or some skewered lime marinated shrimp to cocktail hour.  We are having a quesadilla station and margaritas at our cocktail hour.  Something like that could be fun too.
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    Thanks!!! My friend mentioned the quesadilla station.  I might have to look into this.

    I was thinking of adding enchiladas mole to the dinner.  I've received some comments that not everyone would like something like this, but they always have the other options as well?

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    I would adore that, and if there was someone who didn't like it, you still have the fajitas.  BTW, fajitas are a great idea because people can choose what to put on them.  When I make fajitas at home, even my VERY PICKY middle daughter eats them because she only puts on what she likes.
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  • akgsquaredakgsquared member
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    I love seeing this! I am in the process of interviewing caterers and just got off the phone with one who would do a mexican menu! I love love love yours!

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    That's so nice of you to say. Thanks!!!!!! :) Definitely great to hear. We've gotten some mixed reviews on the menu, and it's made me hesitate a little.  I still want it to feel classy but fun, too. 
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    I can also remember being at weddings and thinking... "oh, okay, a fruit platter." Wondering if their is a cooler alternative? Not so expensive... not necessarily mexican and broad reaching?
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    Guacamole. A salsa tasting station.  Ceviche. Tres Leches cake.  Burrito bar or mini burritos or chimichangas.  Build your own nacho station.  Fish tacos.  Tamales (find a local source to buy them from).
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    In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/special-topic-wedding-boards_food-cakes_mexican-themed-art-museum-dinner-menu-needed?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Special Topic Wedding BoardsForum:23Discussion:f56e759a-ba1d-4650-a9ee-3458d1f0d1f6Post:941108f7-506d-43f0-8276-53c5a3d3ce03">Re: Mexican themed art museum dinner, menu help needed! : )</a>:
    [QUOTE]I love your menu! There is this really amazing Mexican corn cake (they serve it at El Torito) and it is really really amazing. Totally not essential, but really delicious if you wanted to see about adding it :)
    Posted by shiloh777[/QUOTE]

    It's called Tamal (no e at the end of that one).  Delicious...you could also do mini flan.  But everything you have listed sounds amazing...I'm half Mexican and I approve.  ;)
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  • Mexican wedding cookies for favors!  You could make them yourself, really simple!  Clear plastic bag with a ribbon bow . . . beautiful.  Actually, you may be able to buy them and then bag 'em if you are pressed for time or simply have too many guests to make favors for.
  • I forgot to mention pico de gallo.  You could also have carnitas.  And mexican coffee, AKA cafe de la olla.  A little different than coffee as prepared in the US.  A little extra spice, depending on the recipe, but easy to make and muy barato (very cheap). 
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