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Where is everyone having their rehearsal dinner? I'm having trouble coming up with places that aren't ridiculously priced! Suggestions in Millard/west o area?

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    It's still a year away but we are either considering doing a BBQ at our house with the WP and families or having it at granite city by westroads. Our guests will be staying at the regency Marriott so the location is perfect.
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    I was thinking about Granite City too because that's where my FI and I had our first date, but I didn't think they had a party room...
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    The atrium off the bar area is a nice sized room-- probably couldn't have a ton of people in there, but we plan on only having less than 40... FH works there part time so we feel like we kind of owe them for helping us save for the weding ;-)
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    We were having a hard time with the RD, because we really didn't have a huge budget for it. We considered going to the restaurant that FI and I got engaged at, but it was going to cost us about $500 just to have some pitchers of soda, big bowls of salad and some pizzas. No thanks.

    So instead my aunt rented out a community center for us and we are catering some fazolis (it's going to cost us under $150 for 35 people). The hall itself is already nice, and i'm just bringing some of my wedding linens for the tables, bringing in real plates, silverware, glasses, etc. Bringing some candles and little decorations, and I think it'll look very elegant, with some delicious pasta (comfort food, yummm)  =]
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    We used Fox and Hound. 
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    From the sounds of it (nothing set in stone yet) we are doing a BBQ at the FI parents house.  We wanted something pretty low key and casual since the following day will be rather formal and long.
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