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Has anyone used or heard any reviews about Azzara. I have them already booked and I have put almost most of my payment down, but I just feel a little uneasy. The guy (matt) is doing our wedding! any suggestions?

Does anyone suggest spray tan vs. regular tanning beds. I know spray is healthier, but i just want to maintain the tan I have. will spray tan sweat off??

I am clueless about a gift for fiance for day off wedding. I am going to engrave his wedding ring, but i want something for him to keep. He hates jewelry, loves cardinals (but has tons of autographs), and hates pointless stuff


Re: Photographer/spraytanvsregular/gift

  • edited December 2011
    I haven't heard of that photographer...you might do some searching and see if any reviews pop up.

    I am not going to tan any more or differently than I do anyother time in my life....which is none by the way, because I want it to look like me in my pictures.  I hopefully will have some decent color since my wedding is not until July, half way thru the summer.  But, I don't plan on extra tanning.  That said, my sister does the spray tan, and she likes it, however, she had some bad experiences the first few times she tried it, so know what you are doing and have done it a few times before the wedding or you will not come out even.

    I saw an idea the other day, you send three boxes with numbers on them.  1. in case you get cold feet, really nice pair of socks. 2. in case you really get cold feet, a 6 pack of beer. 3. to help you make it to the church on time, watch or gps....something fun...but useful.  You have to think about him and create what he would like.  I am doing boudoir pictures and he will get an album the day of the wedding.
  • MrsCiaccioMrsCiaccio member
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    Never heard of that photographer.  I would ask for names/numbers of previously, satisfied clients.

    Spray tan all the way.  Do not tan in a tanning bed!  I have been going to Salon Euphoria off of Manchester.  She only uses natural ingrediants=no smell, no orange.  It's awesome because she will do a custom color for you (as light or as dark as you want), not one of those booths where it is one color fits all.  I did it for our engagement pictures and it looked completely natural.  I plan on going back for the wedding.

      You could do season tickets to the Cards-something you guys can enjoy the first year of being newlyweds!  Just be sure to get really nice seats!
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