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Vintage Wedding Food Ideas

Hey Everyone!
My fiance are wanting some adivce on what food we should have at our Vintage style wedding. Its also an outside wedding in Indiana in the month of June. Any input is much appreciated. I would like the whole wedding to have the vintage "flow" all the way down to the food. So if you have any ideas please feel free to comment ;)

Re: Vintage Wedding Food Ideas

  • Vintage as in 20's 50's 70's? Would make it easier to help.
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  • I don't even know what vintage food is, lol!! Maybe do some googling or look at other vintage brides' food choices. 

    Wish I could help!

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  • I just typed out an entire essay and theknot.com ate it. Lovely. Here's the recap:

    -it's not always in the TYPE of food, but in the way it's PRESENTED. try to google some pictures of food in whatever era you're considering.

    -narrow down your search to a particular era/culture (ex, France in 1950).

    -check out movies about Marie Antoinette, you should draw some nice vintage food inspiration from there :)
  • Turn of the century Ice Cream Social (Elegant picnic food....tea sandwiches, fruit salads, cold fried chicken, devilled eggs)

    1950s diner food--burgers, fries, milkshakes
  • I'm doing a vintage-y wedding with Mexican foods and margaritas. I mean, I love lace but I also love tequila.....
    I think PP is right about presentation definitely, though.
  • Thanks Everyone. I should have noted I want the 50s era theme. :)
  • I attended a 50s themed event where they served meatloaf, mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole and a jello mold with fruit.  It was all delicious.  I think that any kind of homey comfort food would go great with a 50s vintage theme.  Just ask yourself "What would June Cleaver serve?"
  • 50s foods think homey, simple and satisfying. Bare in mind that some of the food will come of cliche outside of the 50s theme but ....

    You can either do Malt shop/dinner for a more causal evert or you can think along the lines of a of a retro dinner party

    This might not be 100% authentic but definitely give off the 1950s feel.

    Appetizers/Cocktail hour
    Cheese puffs (filled with devilled ham)
    Mini quiches
    Shot glasses of tomato soup with mini grilled cheese
    Pigs in a blanket 
    Deviled eggs
    Swedish meatballs
    Bacon wrapped chestnuts/dates/liver/scallops
    Chicken/salmon/potato croquettes
    Shrimp cocktail
    Crudities with pimento dip
    Cheese (log) and crackers
    Chex mix and mixed nuts on the tables


    Soup - Cream of asparagus, onion

    Salad - Standard garden or wedge salad

    Entree - Simple meat, potato, vegetable
    Dinner Diners
    Meatloaf, mashed potatoes and green beans
    Chicken ala king in Puff Pastry
    Macaroni and Cheese with broiled tomatoes
    Middle of the road:
    Smothered Pork chops, mashed sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts
    Sirloin steak, twice baked potatoes, mixed vegetables
    Poached salmon, rice pilaf, green beans almandine
    Chicken cordon bleu, potatoes gratin, broccoli & cauliflower
    If your budget allows:
    Beef Wellington
    Lobster Newburg

    Dessert - Baked Alaska/Pies/Sundae bar

    Tom Collins
    Punch with sherbet in it
    Milk shakes
    Root beer floats
    Sodas in glass bottles

    Hope this helps

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  • Fantastic ideas Rose!

    I just want to add:

    Pine-Apple-Upside-Down Cake
    Deviled eggs

    Also check out this link

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