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Procrastinating on The knot

I literally have 50 literature articles to analyse by tomorrow and here I am, procrastinating on The knot and Pinterest. Seriously, what is wrong with me??
Even though I love my research topic, I seriously can't wait to be done with this grad school madness!

Re: Procrastinating on The knot

  • I hear you on this. I've a huge paper due tuesday and I was dragging my feet with it. I was writing about my favorite band too, and I just kept putting it off to hang around online. THe best thing to do is disconnect from the internet. I find that physically unplugging the cord/turning off the wireless receptor on my computer, shutting my computer down, and then moving as far away from it as I can usually discourages me because I get comforatable and don't want to have to go through the 'work' of getting up and turning it on etc etc. Haha ridiculous but it got over 12 pages written in the span of the 24 hours so it works haha
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  • Wow, I should really try to turn the internet down too and see how it works for me... But it's hard at the same time when the internet is usefull for a paper or a research! lol
  • haha yeah that is where the plan falters. I find that if I set goals like read one article and take notes on it/etc then reward myself with looking around theknot or whereever for 5-10 and then go back to work....usually windres up being longer than 5-10 but whatever works haha
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  • same problem. I have four finals to study for and i have been on pinterest, the knot and facebook all day
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  • That is what I am doing right this moment... My books are open beside me on my desk so that kinda counts as studying right?? RIGHT???

  • I totally understand. =) I am supposed to be studying for my final exam this afternoon, and writing a final paper due next week. But I too am stuck here and on pinterest. Oh distractions...
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