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Aviation Wedding HELP!!!!!!

My family is a pilots family and my fiance is going to be a pilot. I love all things romantic and vintage and am a painter as well. i wanted to do something different for our pittsburgh pa wedding reception which represented us both and allowed us to have a formal reception with both of our big families (keeping it under 250 will be tough!) I need to find an airplane hangar that would be fitting for our vintage aviation themed wedding. I want it to be lovely and need to also find some lovely people who would like to show off their vintage planes at my reception. Does anyone know of any locations near pittsburgh that would be good? Has anyone done this before? Will they rent me a Hangar? I have so many ideas and just as many questions. any input is appreciated! Thanks! all unique venue ideas Welcome!

Re: Aviation Wedding HELP!!!!!!

  • jenice95jenice95 member
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    I don't have any specific ideas, but you could try looking into aviation museums as well.

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  • mdphdmdphd member
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    I'd look into some of the regional airports, like Allegheny County airport and such.

    An acquaintance of mine got married at a restaurant or hotel near one of those regional airports... I dont remember the name of the airport or venue, but you could see planes taking off and such.  I'll try to ask around for a name.
  • carcrashheartcarcrashheart member
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    My dad is a pilot :)

    I'm not sure that they will rent hangers, but I would think your best bet is to contact the regional airports to see if they can help you. Chances are good that hangers are in use and won't be free to host a wedding. I would also think that the floors are going to be stained with oil and fuel from the airplanes, but I could be totally wrong. It's been awhile since I've been inside a hanger.

    I believe the closest aviation museum is in Dayton. It's the only one my dad ever mentions going to (he used to have frequent overnights in Dayton and would take the shuttle to the museum).

    Pittsburgh International has a Hyatt Regency (I think that's what it is). I'm not sure if you can see the runways from the windows of their banquet room, but I would think there's a definite possibility of it. That way you could go get some pictures taken on the landside portion of the airport and outside. I would definitely contact the regional airports to see if you can gain access to the grounds for engagement pictures (or wedding pictures) among some of the airplanes. The regional airports are going to have prop planes, which have a more throwback, vintage feel anyways.

    I would start collecting old luggage pieces for decor, invest in a bomber jacket for your FI and aviators for both for the sake of pictures (provided neither of you has these items already!).

    Sounds like a fun theme! Good luck!!

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    @mdphd-- I think you are talking about the latrobe airport there is a restaurant  there called DeNunzio's at Arnold Palmer Airport (link below)


    However, Im not sure if they could accomadate 250 ppl. You can see the runway from the room.

  • Tara5384Tara5384 member
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    This aviation musuem just opened last year.  Not sure how big it is, but you could always do cocktails there and then dinner at DeNunzio's. 

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